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  1. I had an absolutely amazing time and considering the vast amount of people attending I think it went really well - I even had time to get an extra auto before I left which I was really pleased about. The only thing I found worrying was the change to photo shoot times, I went to Reeve Carneys 2nd shoot on Saturday afternoon to find it had been pushed back by Christopher Lloyd - the staff I asked were really helpful and told me to go straight to Neve Campbell's photo and say I have a clash and be back in time for the photo with Reeve. I did this fine but when I got back to Reeves shoot he was just about to leave and I managed to get my photo by the skin of my teeth! This was before his shoot was even supposed to start from what I had been told. I checked twitter and couldn't find any notification of the change in times OR on the photo shoot white board either before hand - Had I have missed this photo I would have been massively disappointed. Apart from this I thought everything was fab! Big praise for the crew member controlling the crowds at MJF's photo shoot on Saturday; he did an amazing job!
  2. Awesome guest! Keep the Merlin peeps coming! :)
  3. Definitely need more Merlin guests, gutted I cant get to Cardiff to see Alexander again! Rupert is lovely and will deffo meet him again
  4. Love the Bewley, i think ET9 needs him!
  5. Not been to an ET since ET6, but very much looking forward to this one. Sad, but all good things must come to an end :)
  6. I wasn't going to come . . . Now I am - amazing announcement!
  7. I agree! The more charmed cast the better, meeting Holly was a dream :)
  8. Thanks so much for doing the group photos again guys! Your epic! Any idea how much autos/photoshoots will be?
  9. TeamQuil

    Group Photo?

    Always up for a group photo
  10. Some Pretty Little Liars guests would be awesome! Keegan Allen for example
  11. Thanks for the update. Can't lie I'm a little heartbroken that this might be the last ME True Blood convention, it really is my fave But I do agree, if it's going out then it goes with a bang!
  12. I love Bitten! Its my favorite ME event of the year and am really looking forward to it Wonder if we could twist their arm to get a group pic again, would be a shame not too
  13. Totally agree here! I hope none of the guests read these posts! In my opinion, if you go to a convention for a show - then you like it enough to meet ANY of the cast minor or not - we already have one guest more than we had last year
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