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    I had an absolutely amazing time and considering the vast amount of people attending I think it went really well - I even had time to get an extra auto before I left which I was really pleased about. The only thing I found worrying was the change to photo shoot times, I went to Reeve Carneys 2nd shoot on Saturday afternoon to find it had been pushed back by Christopher Lloyd - the staff I asked were really helpful and told me to go straight to Neve Campbell's photo and say I have a clash and be back in time for the photo with Reeve. I did this fine but when I got back to Reeves shoot he was just about to leave and I managed to get my photo by the skin of my teeth! This was before his shoot was even supposed to start from what I had been told. I checked twitter and couldn't find any notification of the change in times OR on the photo shoot white board either before hand - Had I have missed this photo I would have been massively disappointed. Apart from this I thought everything was fab! Big praise for the crew member controlling the crowds at MJF's photo shoot on Saturday; he did an amazing job!
  2. TeamQuil

    Latest Guest Announcement - Eoin Macken

    Awesome guest! Keep the Merlin peeps coming! :)
  3. TeamQuil

    Latest Guest Announcement - RUPERT YOUNG

    Definitely need more Merlin guests, gutted I cant get to Cardiff to see Alexander again! Rupert is lovely and will deffo meet him again
  4. TeamQuil

    New guests but.....BEWLEY!

    Love the Bewley, i think ET9 needs him!
  5. TeamQuil

    heads up everyone

    Not been to an ET since ET6, but very much looking forward to this one. Sad, but all good things must come to an end :)
  6. TeamQuil

    Latest Guest Announcement - RAMI MALEK (Benjamin)

    I wasn't going to come . . . Now I am - amazing announcement!
  7. TeamQuil

    Charmed 2013

    I agree! The more charmed cast the better, meeting Holly was a dream :)
  8. TeamQuil

    Bitten 3 Schedule

    Thanks so much for doing the group photos again guys! Your epic! Any idea how much autos/photoshoots will be?
  9. TeamQuil

    Group Photo?

    Always up for a group photo
  10. TeamQuil

    Guest suggestions

    Some Pretty Little Liars guests would be awesome! Keegan Allen for example
  11. TeamQuil

    The Guest List

    Thanks for the update. Can't lie I'm a little heartbroken that this might be the last ME True Blood convention, it really is my fave But I do agree, if it's going out then it goes with a bang!
  12. TeamQuil

    Bitten 3 positivity thread

    I love Bitten! Its my favorite ME event of the year and am really looking forward to it Wonder if we could twist their arm to get a group pic again, would be a shame not too
  13. TeamQuil

    The Guest List

    Totally agree here! I hope none of the guests read these posts! In my opinion, if you go to a convention for a show - then you like it enough to meet ANY of the cast minor or not - we already have one guest more than we had last year
  14. TeamQuil

    Latest Guest Announcement - LINDSAY PULSIPHER

    Awesome! She was one I wanted to meet :)