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  1. A few minutes ago I watched a video on youtube from LFCC last year where a group of people got together and filmed themselves lip-syncing to a song which in turn made an amazing music video and I just suddenly thought: How awesome would this be to make at Bitten with everyone dressed up and the song... Bad Things of course! This post is to basically see who would be up for helping out. Like organising (which im rubbish at) - of where and when we could film, times etc though was thinking more around the party time when everyone is dressed up; then theres the filmmaker/camera holder. Of course will need a few people who would be willing to be in the video and would want to lip sync. I'm pretty handy at video editing so I feel i could edit this video all together, I would just need help actually getting the video made!
  2. if i could like this i would hahahaha
  3. They take card details purely to secure a room but they dont take any money out until you check in. and you can either pay buy same card you booked with or another. or cash x
  4. Syfy do mini series based on fairytales. They've done Alice, which is a retake on Alice in Wonderland which is fab! and they've done Tin Man which is a retake on Wizard of Oz. They are always doing new shows like that. Granted they're only 2 part, 2hr 30min episodes but they are amazing with a fantastic cast. I was actually thinking of Cosplaying as the Alice Character for one of the parties! Here's a trailer for Alice < Which has a cast like Tim Curry, Cathy Bates, Andrew Lee Pots, Caterina Scorsone and many more that are all amazing actors! Here's a trailer for Tin Man< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0Rw1YpseHk which also has an amazing cast of Zooey Deshanel, Alan Cumming, Neal McDonough, Kathleen Robertson who are all amazing in that show!
  5. I can't get mine till after June .... I'm hoping the prices for the VIP tickets will be announced then too
  6. Need some party themes soon! they're thinking of some for the OUAT/Grimm one and thats not till next may! Pleaaaase can we have themes soooon!!!
  7. Yeah theres a few people that have said Snow and Charmings wedding but the fairytale ball would be awesome too! I also like the idea of Storybrooke vs Storyland so its a mixture of the normal human characters from the show (ouat) mixed with their fairytale counterparts.... and also Enchanted Forest theme would be good. and i know its not Grimm but there was an episode in Ouat where they went to Wonderland. think that could look cool
  8. Name: Chelsea Age: 21 Where are you from? Northamptonshire Which of the 2 series do you watch? OUAT... only a few of Grimm Ultimate guest you want for the event? Anyone from OUAT (Especially Snow, James, Rumple and Evil Queen!) What ticket will you get? Either VIP (depends on price) or Gold!! Have you been to ME cons before? Yep :) Previous cons: Bitten 1 and 2 with ME, Fave movies: Everything Disney, any Tim Burton/Johnny Depp movie, Musicals Fave Series: OUAT, Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill, True Blood, Supernatural, Buffy.......List goes on and on lol Fave music: Anything. Other interests: Reading, Writing, Cosplaying, Going to awesome Conventions lol
  9. The ME guys are still at the Hub 8 atm so not sure they will be online to answer this until later but if I get an answer from them I'll update the website :) awesome thank youuuu
  10. Haven't watched Grimm in a while but sooo impressed that you got a main character! God I'm sooooo excited!!!!
  11. YESSS!!! THANK YOU GUYSS!!! How much will the VIP package be?
  12. I wan't EVERYONE from OUAT they are all amazing especially Ginnifer and Robert Carlyle... haven't seen enough of Grimm to decide who so i just picked the top one lol
  13. I am soooo happy to hear about this convention! Huge huge thanks for listening to us on this one I'm sure it'll sell out quick!!
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