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  1. Stallone or Van Damme would be my absolute dream guests.
  2. I've only been to LFCC twice. This year and when Stan was there last year. I experienced the same issues as those already mentioned on here. But I do think people seem to forget, for SM to get these big guests, they need that many ticket sales. If you are going to limit the amount of people going, then you are going to have to raise the ticket price to cover the big guests... which in turn, would be something new for people to complain about. My major issue has and will always be the queues to get in. I'm pretty sure that venue had more than two entrances... I was in danger of missing a £95 photo op because of the time it was taking me to get inside. More frustratingly so, because I already had my weekend wristband that I got on Friday. Yet I was queuing with people who had a single day ticket etc who still need to present their e ticket. There should have been a dedicated 'quick entry' for those who already had their wristbands on... But again, I understand the capacity of attendees will be high. Due to the fact that the guests are so popular ! So its a difficult situation. The layout wasn't overly confusing to me, it took a few minutes to look over the map/floor guide. I think more seated areas or dedicated chill zones are needed, I was finding myself falling over those who had decided just to plonk themselves anywhere on the floor... And the air con... its never going to be effective with that amount of people. It's as simple as that. Can't really do much else about it. My air con in my place of work doesn't feel like it's on when we have a busy Saturday, so a venue like the Olympia will only be the same. I enjoyed my weekend but can understand the utter frustration of those who missed shoots etc because of the time it took them to get inside and/or between floors. I would have been devastated if I missed my MJF shoot. I think, as mentioned in previous threads, a survey email for any thoughts or new ideas would be great.
  3. Well I'm wearing my wristband and I'm still having to queue...
  4. It's looking doubtful. No responce or help from crew either.
  5. But that's what I'm afraid of. If they don't... its back to the end of the line
  6. I'd get there as early as possible. I haven't got in yet since it opened.
  7. It's ridiculous... no crew staff. Just useless security. Missing this isn't going to be my fault as I'm queuing, so I'm just meant to lose out on £95 ?
  8. I can hardly see any wristbands either in this queue. So its pretty irritating. Will be extremely upset if I miss this... no assistance anywhere.
  9. There aren't any around... It's all just faceless security who don't care.
  10. Ok so... I got my weekend wristband yesterday. I have a £95 photoshoot with MJF in a hour and there is no way I'm getting in... Surely this can't be right ? This is the only opportunity for the clock face shoot. And I've paid £95 for it... Surely people who already have wristbands should be allowed in/go in a different entrance ? As this isn't exactly my fault that I'm stuck in a queue... ?!
  11. Hi everyone ! Enjoyed my first day today but the real action starts tomorrow. I have batch 2 shoots for Rey Mysterio and MJF with the clock face. The first Rey shoot is 25 minutes long, can I queue straight away or will I be waiting for batch 1 to go through first ? As the MJF clock shoot is the only one of the day and starts and the Rey one ends... Just want to make sure I have time for both, or should I leave the Rey photo until I've done my MJF one ? Thanks 😊
  12. Got a few questions that im hoping someone can help me with I have a photo with Christopher Lloyd and the DeLorean, where do I have this ? In the prop area where the DeLorean is ? Same with MJF and the clock face, is that in a the prop area too ?
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