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  1. Thanks TooTall :) Will hands be stamped on the way in when handing over tickets? May save hassle when people are trying to stampede out of one hall or the other!
  2. Hi All, Having been going to Showmasters Events since the beginning of Collectormania in MK I've had some great times, made life long friends and got some amazing memories. Over the last couple of years I've been on a hiatus from attending due to several factors. But being that I live near and work in Cardiff some friends invited me to come and say hi and catch up. I'd honestly forgotten how great the events are, and while I didn't get any autographs I had a great time wandering round with my 5 year old Daughter and 'character spotting'. Those of you that Cosplay are amazing! The craft and love you put in is admirable and watching more and more people get into this every event is really fantastic. The Stand Outs for us were Iron Man, Wonder Woman and Coralines 'other' Mother (My Daughter was awestruck by the lot of you). Also the Elsa's and Anna's were lovely to see. So so happy to see the event at Cardiff so busy. Thanks for a great time. Bring on July :)
  3. We gave Eve Myles some baby clothes and booties, and a Mum to Be Sanctuary Spa Set. We got the most wonderful pictures with her in the photo shoot too.
  4. Unfortunately as it's only a week away from Showmasters biggest event of the year, I very much doubt that they have a lot of time to update the price list now. As with days it usually states it in the announcement thread, however if it doesn't keep checking back there as they tend to edit it with that information later, once it's clarified. As regards to budgeting, as some guests are announced very last minute I tend to budget £20 for each to be on the safe side. They are rarely more than this and that way when you get there you should have plenty for each and maybe a little more to spend if they're less. I know it's a lot, but if you're planning to budget I find that the best way. And NO I'm not saying all newly announced guests are £20!!!
  5. Oh dear God!!! Well, umm........ *speechless* Baby doesn't need a cot anyway! lol Kudos Showmasters.
  6. Very sad news. My thoughts are with his family and friends. Sleep Well xxx
  7. Phoenix

    Posting Tickets

    Nothing, as I would have spotted that when I printed off the order and charged you the relevant postage. All hail queen Jola!!! She never misses a trick!
  8. Pretty much yup LOL He he, great thanks!!!
  9. OK, please excuse the silly pregnant lady. Ordered some tickets today, am I right in thinking that payment gets processed as and when our lovely Jola gets the chance? Just so I knows and can leave sufficient funds in the account. Sorry if this gets asked a thousand times!!! Em xxx
  10. Noo! You can't deprive yourself of SW Lego!!!
  11. News has just reached that unfortunately Stan Winston has passed away. He was a Hollywood FX legend to the very end. To view the sheer volume of his work his IMDB page is here: Stan Winston Bio Rest In Peace. I'm sad I never got the opportunity to meet him. Phi
  12. You can get heavy duty poster carriers in art shops. They extend and can hold about 3 posters safely. They're mostly waterproof, great for when you're getting buffeted around in conventions and not too heavy. They're not overly expensive and are a godsend. http://www.londongraphics.co.uk/acatalog/P...ster_Tubes.html if you scroll down you'll see what I mean!
  13. Vic Armstrong holds legend status for me. Was due to meet him at another con earlier in the year, but unfortunately he cancelled last minute. Still, at least he's 'gettable' lol
  14. It really ranges from the OMG! Legend! The sort of person that we have several times over in our movie collection (i.e. John Hurt). To the ooh, I love that programme and I'd quite like to meet said person. On the other hand there's the completest side of me who has to get the main cast if I start a film poster. Example being Serenity, I love it, my Husband hates it, but totally appreciates the fact I'd like to meet all the cast. Same goes for Torchwood. I think when something you enjoy has an ensemble cast it's nice to meet them all for their own merits and moments.
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