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  1. Ticket upgrade

    Just a heads up that the Gold tickets have been capped as the Gold pass exclusives have now been produced and are now in limited numbers if you do want to upgrade then please email shop@showmastersevents.com as soon as you can
  2. Chevron 8.3 Update

    They will most likely be on sale right up to the show as they are on Event Brite and are etickets
  3. Guest suggestions

    Yes we are still working on more guests
  4. Michael Jayston

    He was announced in the wrong event he is going to Brighton
  5. Party themes - Showmasters

    This will be announced later today ;-)
  6. Two in 2016

    Each Topic has a different event date so yes there are two events in Belfast next year: Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th May 2016, Titanic Exhibition Centre, Belfast. & Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th September 2016, Titanic Exhibition Centre, Belfast
  7. Newcastle Talk and Photo Schedule

    It is a time slot for anyone in costume to get a photo of themselves in our studio.
  8. Yes they are you can sign up here: http://www.darkcleopro.com/film--comic-con-newcastle-cosplay-registration.html
  9. The team are working on more guests ;-)
  10. Guest Days & Prices Cardiff 2015

    It looks like that Anneke Wills and Kerry Ingram where put into the guest days and prices, sorry for any confusion
  11. Chevron 8.3 website is now live

    Make sure your Mrs' is remembering all the key moments and information and she can help you in the quiz
  12. Chevron 8.3 website is now live

    It will be changed tomorrow :-D
  13. NEED HELP with digital photos !

    For everyone that cant find there photos or the albums are missing please give it 24 hours before contacting us. They have all bee uploaded and some times photoshelter holds a few in cyber space before it goes live. Thanks
  14. New shop is open and works fine https://www.eventbrite.com/e/film-comic-con-bournemouth-tickets-17351227990
  15. The pre order shop is a different store. Please contact preorders@showmastersevents.com