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  1. This is a great guest a very current actor well done Showmasters, you have delivered once again with the quality of guest.
  2. I only got one picture with a guest, Callum Blue. http://celebrityphotosuk.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/collectormania-18-day-three/G0000ThkKlHchqXM/I0000XCyc4Sq6lsY
  3. Wow great guest. Having studied film at college raging bull was one of the films I had to study great story cant wait to meet the man himself.
  4. Captain Jack sparrow only for a few hours on the Saturday
  5. Anyone from Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Prison break, Lie to Me, Resident Evil movies, Batman movies very old to the newest.
  6. Wow well done Jason, this is going to be a great event. P.s love thy crew
  7. Better get my acceptance speak ready First off I would like to thank The Academy and Showmasters for giving me this opportunity. lol oh them fun
  8. Great guest for any Potter fan out there keep them coming
  9. Your killing me with who to choose I would have gone with all of them if I could
  10. Lancelot

    A Huge thank you

    Hello all fellow crew members Myself (Lancelot) and Andrew Murray would just like to say a very big thank you, for helping us both out at a very large event like this one. I know you may see us walking around not doing much but when we are needed to put up walls or tables or sort out set up and break down you was all there to help us in any way, and for that you made out job easier, so thank you once again. and we hope to see you all again. "Andelot" The Super special set up crew.
  11. This was at my 1st LFCC along with the Bat Bike would be cool to have another look over it
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