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  1. Such a shame. But half expected it seeing how often she cancels. The event is looking even less attractive for me now.
  2. Great guest. It's a shame he's only on the Sunday as I never travel for one guest.
  3. Ingrid Oliver Michelle Ryan David Bradley Janet Fielding Mark Strickson Maurine O’Brien Pearl Mackie Bille Piper Steven Moffat Or anyone from Series 11 .
  4. What a shame. I was so looking forward to meeting him. Might not attend now.
  5. It's a shame that Frazer Hines isn't doing a talk on the Sunday.
  6. A few more Doctor Who guests would be very welcomed by myself.
  7. My Doctor Who wishlist David Bradley Pearl Mackie Janet Fielding Mark Strickson Steven Moffat John Simm Michelle Gomez Maureen O'Brien Roberta Tovey Peter Capaldi Billie Piper
  8. Two Wendy Padbury talks on Sunday and none of the Saturday is that correct? P.S If you have to choose one slot for Sunday, could that be the 12:30 one please, not too long after the other Who talk?
  9. That's really thrown a spanner in the works as to which day I attended. Hopefully, you will announce one or two extra Doctor Who guests to make me attend both!
  10. Ooooh! A Doctor Who guest from Series 10! Thank you Showmasters.
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