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  1. Yeah, I've worn a few packs myself so I get that. Cheers bud.
  2. So, if or when I purchase an ernie hudson diamond pass, would I be able to upgrade the photo opportunity to a costumed one or would I have to buy it separately? And does costume mean just jumpsuit or does he have a proton pack on too? Thanks in advance Paul
  3. OK, so I haven't used Flickr for ages so don't know if this will work but this is my album link for today's pics
  4. Beautiful weather in the big smoke today, we were blessed for sho.
  5. Just a wee shout out to everyone to say thanks, had a great day (first ever proper comic con). Happy ghostbuster and got my Robert Englund diamond pass etc which was well worth it, despite no mugs being available. Little hi-light for me, Josef Atlin cutting in front of me and one other group to get Roberts autograph and the 1st group had no clue who he was. Roll on summer.
  6. So, I guess the talks, quiz etc in the two main halls are free to enter?
  7. I can't see a batch number, just order number but I selected tier 1 out of 4 when I booked so guessing early in the day?
  8. Second, I have purchased a diamond pass to meet Robert "Freddy Krueger" Englund. I haven't received any information about what time I am supposed to be there and where I go, I am attending Sunday. Finally, I am really nervous about meeting him, been watching his movies since I was 9 years old, I am now 40! Any tips on keeping my s**t together on the day greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance guys and girls, Paul
  9. I haven't been to one of these before . I have a few questions really. Firstly, I am coming as a Ghostbuster, got a legitimate flight suit with badges on but no pack unfortunately, so I guess I am cosplaying but not planning on really doing much except enjoying the day (going with two friends, one isn't cosplaying at all and the other one is but is being vague about her costume).
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