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  1. Wondered if anyone can help me, I'm looking for one of the traders at Spring Con - he was selling these amazing handmade statues and busts, with items from Gremlins, Beetlejuice, Terminator, The Great Escape and much more. He was situated at the end pitch of one of the rows near the Pizza Express and I really wanted to purchase something from him on Sunday but unfortunately time didn't permit. I regret not grabbing a card or something, but if anyone knows who he is, please let me know! Would love to be able to check out his stock online! Thanks
  2. Tom Ellis - Really funny and down to earth guy. I didn't meet him but did attend the Lucifer talk and anyone who was there will know it was a real treat. Tom was hilarious! David Naughton - Was thrilled to finally meet David, as An American Werewolf in London is one of my all-time favourite movies! He was happy to chat about the film and took his time with each guest, and I got a special pose during my photoshoot! Martin Sheen - Met him for a photoshoot only. Obviously a very brief meet but he was a real gentlemen, asked everyone's names and thanked me for being there. What a legend! Robert Patrick - Again, took his time with all those who met him. Was very funny during his talk and was happy to chat about T2 even though he's surely been talking about it at every convention in the last 25 years! Also, Robert Glenister, Daniel Mays, Emilie De Ravin and Phil Daniels were all a pleasure to meet. My friend met William Zabka, Alfie Allen, Peter Serafinowicz, Val KIlmer and Aimee Garcia, among others, and said they were all top guests.
  3. Wanted to say a huge thank you to Ben, the crew member who was overseeing Tom Ellis' Sunday afternoon photoshoot. Ben helped in sorting out a major botch that occurred on Saturday. My friend was attending the Peter Serafinowicz photoshoot, which clashed with Tom Ellis. Since Peter's session was due to finish at 15.40, we were advised by another crew member to attend his first, and come to Tom's afterwards, as Tom's was finishing at 16.00. Peter's session overran, but we arrived back at Tom's shoot for 15.50, ten minutes before it was scheduled to end, only to be told, quite bluntly, that Tom had gone. I explained this to the sales desk and they were adamant that Tom's photoshoot had finished at the correct time, which it certainly had not. After some persistence the sales team wrote a note on my friend's ticket that transferred it's validity to Sunday's shoot. We wasn't holding our breaths, but this was the best we were going to get! After a rather unnerving Sunday morning we made our way to Tom's PM shoot and explained this to Ben, who read the note and helped him gain admission to the session. Ben even allowed him to join an earlier batch number queue, as he had another photoshoot clash with Val Kilmer. Thank you Ben! Not a thread for criticisms, I know, but I found many of the photoshoot queues to be a real mess this year. Martin Sheen's Saturday shoot in particular was a nightmare and the use of electronic boards to call batches would be so much better than crew members having to shout out. Among a thousand other voices they're calls are difficult to hear and some of them were getting irate at have to keep repeating themselves!
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