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  1. Has anyone ever used the send in autograph service? Can't make the show but I have a dvd I'd like signed by Ted Raimi and I'm wondering how good the service is.
  2. They did have a gap at the end last year. The biggest issue for me on Sunday was the lack of control over queuing for photoshoots as ive mentioned elsewhere.
  3. Was being very British about it and holding my tounge. Just wanted to mention it for future
  4. Great show again, loved meeting Robert Englund for a photo and my nephew had a blast with the Liverpool lads and Walking Dead peeps. However.....I do have one observation regarding photoshoots. I'm not going to say which zone as I don't want to drop anyone in it but for some shoots the tickets were being scanned as the queue formed and there were people in the queue just standing with the actual shootee (if you get my drift). They were then going in with the shootee and as the tickets were not being checked again I'm fairly sure some people got into shoots without a ticket. Elsewhere the tickets were scanned when you went into the booth so it wasn't an issue. All of the booth should have been run like this. I also personally got held up by late comers who had a more preferential batch number than me. One or two people I don't mind but when it was 15+ it did get slightly annoying. I understand buying a better batch but if you're late you're late and should have to wait your turn imo. As I said though, great show.
  5. he ticket is for my nephew but the name on it says Mr Emma (my sister) Fitgerald and has her dob on it
  6. No worries, these things can't be helped. On another note i ordered tickets for my sister and nephew and put the wrong details on a photoshoot. I did email the shop but have not heard back. The ticket is valid just in the wrong name, is this ok?
  7. On another ticket related question (though I think I know the answer). If due to unforeseen circumstances i am unable to attend the show now (family issues) is there anyway of getting a refund on the tickets I've bought (entry and one photoshoot)
  8. Obviously I don't know how it works but if someone is paid to come over for whatever reason then what's to stop somebody else approaching said person and enquiring as to whether they are free to stay and attend Collectormania?
  9. Kevin Conroy is in the UK the weekend before so how's about getting him to stay an extra week
  10. Couple of quick questions. What does it mean when it says photos come in a book? I ask because normally I just get given the picture. Secondly what do I do if I've entered some details incorrectly on a ticket when buying it? I've just realised that I've done this on one of my tickets that was meant for my nephew but I've entered dc some details of his mum. Does this matter if my nephew is the only one having the photo with that particular guest since he can just hand it over anyway?
  11. I watched the movie with my 8 year old last night and she loved it. The tv box sets have had their prices jacked up on ebay and amazon since Adam passed away
  12. All mine are in boxes as I'm moving house this weekend but my favourite autographs are from Bruce Campbell, he signed my Evil Dead poster, my Evil Dead dvd (book of the dead packaging) and probably best of all my Tornado dvd which Ernie Hudson signed on the same day. Also cultivating autographs on my Masters of Horror boxset, thus far I've got Robert Englund, William Forsyth, and now Jeffrey Combs
  13. Meant to all this a few days ago but never got round to it. Did any of the comic book stall holders have cards for websites or shops? I forgot to ask when I was there.
  14. Robin and Catwoman from the principal cast (not counting John Astins Riddler as Frank Gorshin will always be Nygma to me) are all that's left
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