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  1. Well, we’ve had a disappointing update. Higher up don’t seem too interested in closing us and have offered very little support. Ironically, if we wanted to phone head office for any advice on the matter we would be speaking to someone who was given the option to work from home. Oh, the joys of retail! I think this situation will be a very eye-opening experience for a lot of us in regards to how our places of work prioritise profit over employees.
  2. Hey guys, hope everyone here is well. I seem to have picked a good week to use up my leftover holiday hours, that’s for sure! Work is still open for me unfortunately, although we’re all hoping for closure by next week but it isn’t likely. On the bright side, I managed to unlock an old laptop to install a bunch of my old games so I think I’m all set for a potential lockdown.
  3. Ah, getting close! Hopefully I can sneak away from work in enough time to find out. Keeping my fingers crossed for a certain few guests I’d love to see!
  4. The Tutankhamun exhibition sounds amazing, enjoy!
  5. Hayley Atwell was who I was always rooting for when it became apparent that they were casting a female Doctor, I think she would be awesome! It’s a shame she doesn’t seem too keen on the role anymore.
  6. If what I’ve read is true then I’m not overly pleased with who’s leaving but hopefully the remaining companion is given a chance to shine.
  7. Gah, lucky! I’m determined to get Chris Evans and Tom Holland one day after stupidly missing them by being either a day too early or too late when the two of them were in Edinburgh.
  8. Given Clark’s announcement, some more MCU guests would be awesome (some more likely than others )! Chris Evans Chadwick Boseman Tom Holland Sebastian Stan Anthony Mack Robert Downey Jr. Chris Hemsworth Jeremy Renner Mark Ruffalo Tom Hiddleston Zoe Saldana Chris Pratt Paul Rudd Hayley Atwell Pom Klementieff
  9. Yeah, I had a scroll through his IMDb and he had a small role in The Force Awakens.
  10. If I’m honest, I’m actually surprised at how poor Tosin and Mandip’s performances have been. I remember the two of them being in Hollyoaks a few years ago and they weren’t bad actors. Of course, a trashy soap opera (which I only still tune into as a guilty pleasure because of how long I’ve watched it, honest! ) is perhaps a bad comparison to make but I do remember Mandip’s character in particular having some very dark storylines and she did a good job at portraying them. Tosin’s character was more of a comic relief sort but he gave a pretty good performance during one of his last scenes. From what I personally know of these two, in my opinion think the writing has failed them both tremendously. That, and having to act out bad material with a put-on Yorkshire accent. I’m not sure about Mandip but I know Tosin is from an area within London so I don’t understand why Chibnall chose Yorkshire of all places for this era when surely it would’ve been easier and probably more beneficial to the cast to stick with London as the companions’ home city.
  11. I also agree with everyone’s thoughts on Jodie (and I’m glad I’m not alone with it). I want to like her but her material for the most part is dyer. I have friends and family who absolutely love Thirteen and have done from her first episode but for me she’s unfortunately my least favourite Doctor at the moment. As I mentioned in the other thread, I do have to admit that I’ve warmed to her more this season and I do think she’s trying her best but she - along with the rest of the cast - need better material to work with. As it goes, the only character I’ve actually cared for during Thirteen’s era so far is Graham.
  12. While I was someone who had always hoped he’d make a return again, it definitely felt as if he was wedged into the episode with no actual context behind his appearance. I think his return should have been saved for a future episode where he could be given more of an impactful role because it felt a tad wasted for the sake of giving in to fan demands. I very much agree with you though. As much as I criticise the negative side of Chibnall’s fan service, he has managed to bring back certain things but in a way that is interesting and relevant to the story, and I do like the way that he has introduced some aspects from Classic Who into the series.
  13. I agree. In my opinion, I think Chibnall has been pandering to fans - particularly older NewWho fans - a lot in recent episodes. Don’t get me wrong, I for one was ecstatic by Jack’s return but I personally get the impression that Chibnall believes he can throw in a reference to an older character or villain (e.g. the Autons and Silurians) and that automatically makes an episode good because fans have been asking for revisits or references to old companions and some of the more underrated villains.
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