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  1. I honestly cannot believe what I have read. I went to MJF Photoshoot on the Sunday and was very much shoved by this woman. I'm pregnant and visibly so, it caused me to leap forward. I wouldn't have minded if it was a tap but this wasn't. I'm an adult and can understand simple instructions. The one in front barely made it out of shot before I was pushed in. Funny someone mentioned assault. She is lucky no one did report her!
  2. Can somebody please tell me if he is attending today? Don't want to waste a journey if he is another that has cancelled this weekend
  3. For the record I have been going to conventions/signings for probably 10 years. Just the fact my forum account is new doesn't mean this was my first experience. it's just lately I have had a reason to post. As for those complaining about the likes of Lisa Marie, I also found with more than one guest refusing posed pictures and yet a few people in front of me got to. Cary tagawa was def one of them. and even after me people got to as well. reason given was I would have to pay for photoshoot.
  4. Now I have been to many events like this before but felt this one was very poorly organised. Yesterday I had a problem with my photoshoot photo. Spent hours hanging around for it, the tables with the photos on it was a free for all, everyone pushing trying to check if their picture is there. Everyone touching the photos so like another post has said, you got a load of free fingermarks for free with it. There should be a number system, kept safe. Hell even put them in plastic sleeves to protect then, we pay enough for the shoot. I had my Christopher Lambert photoshoot at 1255 yesterday. I did n
  5. Thanks for your help guys. Silly me, I did not scroll down on the email confirmation :)
  6. I have just bought the gold pass however I cannot find anywhere the email address I need to send my photo to. Can anyone help me please? This is the first time in going to these events that I decided to purchase the pass
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