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  1. What guests do you want to see next year?

    How about the following for a wish list: - Movie Stars - Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana TV - Anyone from American Gods, Gotham or Star Trek Destiny Comics - Joss Whedon, Mark Millar All time legend - Samuel L. Jackson And just because he is the most entertaining person I've ever met - Brian Blessed
  2. First Timer Thank You

    So this was my first time at LFCC and I must say I really enjoyed it. I had a smallish auto hit list of 7 and managed to get them all. Both Simon Furman and Andrew Robinson were delightful to meet but Valene Kane was by far and away the most wonderful guest I met - so full of energy and great to chat with. Also the information provided on these forums before hand proved extremely helpful to plan my day. The only negatives that I came across was that the guest floor, especially around the Natalie Dormer area, became a bit too crowded with people cutting through the guest queues rather than going around. The constant jostling became annoying however I appreciate that there is no second guessing which guests are going to be popular and have the corresponding queues to enable you to plan around potential bottle necks The only other negative was the start of the BTTF diamond talk on Sat. I was there fifteen mins before the talk started but the slow loading of the auditorium meant that that the talk started while we were still outside the main stage. I consider that to be disrespectful to both the people who have paid to be there and were queuing ahead of time and to the guests on the stage who surely must have been distracted by the people still walking in and finding seats. A five min delay to proceedings would have meant everyone would have been in, seated and ready to give Tom and Chris the big cheer they deserved when they walked on stage. But like I said, I thoroughly enjoyed the event and I look forward to who is announced for next year. My thanks to all involved.
  3. Guest Suggestions

    As its in Donny, any chance of a Yorkshire theme with the guests? For starters I would go i with:- Jodie Whittaker - The next dr. who Diana Rigg - Bond, GOT, The Avengers Judi Dench - Bond David Bradley - Dr. Who, Harry Potter Sean Bean - LOTR, GOT Patrick Stewart - ST:TNG, X-Men
  4. Big Guest Announcement- Friday 7pm

    Is it Mark Carney - Governor of the bank of England, coming so we can all get mates rates on the loans we all need to meet all the awesome guests this year? Failing that I would be happy with any of the Trek Captains.
  5. Next Big Guest Announcement- Wednesday 24th May

    I still think its Patrick Stewart. All the hopeful and tenuous links still hold up!
  6. Newbie Autograph Question

    Thanks for all the responses, its very much appreciated. It looks like I'll be taking my poster
  7. Newbie Autograph Question

    I'm super excited to be attending my first LFCC but I have what maybe a bit of a daft question to ask. Is there a size limit on the things the guests are can/willing to sign? I have a maxi size Rogue One poster (approx. 62 x 92 cm) that I am considering getting some signatures on. I'm concerned that it might be a bit unwieldy to offer up for signing and for carting around the place. Any advice appreciated Thanks
  8. Next Big Guest Announcement- Wednesday 24th May

    Its Patrick Stewart isn't it? The evidence is all there: - Warning written in red = red alert Important guest - nobody is more important than the Captain of the Enterprise. And its 30 years since Star Trek TNG started. There's nothing tenuous about any of the above...