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  1. Thanks for the info re district line services had waited at earls court for nearly 20 mins
  2. Coming tomorrow hoping to meet Gina Torres anyone know how busy she was or how many VQs she got though?
  3. He was so lovely, he was the main reason I went as I had a Stargate Lithograph that had been signed by the rest of the main cast for him to sign, he had A look and when he saw that I had been lucky enough to have it signed by Don S Davis I swear his expression just changed for a moment in reflection but then signed it. He congratulated me for getting it for getting it finished and that I needed to find somewhere to display it. I can see both sides of the coin as if he was not being that nice and the autographs where like being on a conveyor belt then he would have got through more Fans, and If I had not been able to see him I would have been gutted but having been lucky enough to meet him now I can honestly say that I have 'met' him and that will stay with me forever
  4. It would be great to get some 24 guests as I believe they may still be filming 24 LAD Particularly Yvonne Strahovski (loved her in CHUCk, but also Dexter, I Frankenstein) Keifer obviously, and Mary Lynn Rakskjub. More Arrow guests, Chuck guests Vic Sahay, Scott Krinski, Joshua Gomez, Bonita Fredericy, and her husband John Billingsly, Adam Baldwin , and Zac Levi.
  5. With the new 24 filming in London for the next couple of months It would be great if we could get any of the cast but particularly Mary Lynn Rajskub, Keifer Sutherland or particularly Yvonne Strahovski (Chuck, Dexter and I Frankenstein) to come for the event .
  6. I think he was £25. Everything else - excluding a few photo opportunities that were done for charity - was included. But you could have photos with the headliners on your own camera for free. And to be honest with 30,000 there had Mark been £25 or less an auto the queue would have lasted a month! Autographs had to be paid for for all guests, you could be right about Anthony Daniels being £25 and yes you could get an 'Over the table' photo at that time. To be honest most of the 'free' stuff at CE did not interest me proably as only there for one day and spent so much time queuing for autograph tickets and autographs. There does appear to be more premium stuff at DSTL however (stunt show, Bridge Shoot etc) and that would need to paid for. My main point was that that was 5 years ago and over that time I bet first class Tickets (for that matter any type of ticket)for the Guests has rocketed in price but tthe admission prices are not that different and as Star wars most of the minor cast were English and would not have needed flights as opposed to Star Trek where all except Patrick are from the US or at least based there.
  7. I rest my case. I just saw this, and am pretty fed up with your replies to my posts on this to be honest, but i'll tell you why my assumptions weren't baseless. What I based the assumption on was pretty much every single other event that SM organise, where Gold passes grant priority seating for all talks, whether they are paid for or free, and also grant the pass holder entry into the paid talks, without having to buy a separate talk ticket. I think I(and anyone else, as obviously I am not on my own in making assumptions about this) can be forgiven for thinking that the same thing would happen at this event. As it is, I'm not really bothered anymore, there is little point in coming here to voice my thoughts about it, as there's no way that someone like you will listen to anyone viewpoint or thoughts that are different from your own. I am confused if you have a Gold pass you have got the tickets for the paid talks already ie the 5 Captains together and the five individual Captains aswell and seating for all the other talks in the main hall, what are you complaing about?
  8. With the utmost respect for Star wars Celebration europe the headline guests where Mark Hammil and Anthony Daniels, they may have done talks and they may have been free as the only one I went to was one with the imperial Officers. I do remember that Marks Autograph was £85.00 and Anthonys was £35 and that was not mentioned in the overall markerting. These activities where not included in any admission ticket. One has to also bear in mind that was 5 years ago and how much have prices risen in that time but also that the 3 day prices are actually cheaper now than then and they include 2 autographs now asell.. I think the idea of the seperate prices is based on the idea of the American style Star trek conventions as they do something similar.
  9. I second that would love to meet her, could get Tracy Scoggins,. Zac Levi from Chuck and the new Thor movie is in London at the moment he would be a great guest, As would Yvonne Strahovski.
  10. I disagre the balcony was open upstairs and had some chairs set out on one side. I went up stairs lots with my two sons it was a way of escaping the crowds downstairs. This was a massive chill out area and is far better than anything EC has ever done. Although a lot of the time we were just sitting on the floor so may not have been ideal for you, but the space was definately there.
  11. I got to Olympia at about 10.30 as I was with my two sons and so was just going to get standard 11.00 entry tickets as wanted top be able to spend more money inside £15 instead of £36 or £30 as it now looks like you do a family early bird entry aswell although i did not know that in advance. When I got there there were 3 gueues going people still buying early bird tickets, standard pay ion the door and standard pre paid. The queues where quite seperate althought poorly signed and there were seversal crew members around making sure people where in the right queue. It seems to me that for the early entry there could be 5 queues, gold pass, early pre paid, early pay on door, and then 11.00 pre paid and 11.00 pay on door. These queues are not going to just sort themselves out so there need to be clear signage to let people know where to go but also appr 8.00 the need to be crew helping assisting. In my opinion a weay to help this is to have the 11.00 queues somewhere other than near the entrance. This would free some area. These queues could then be moved when the earky bird tickets had gone in. The only thing i would say is when moving the queue this should be done from the front not the back. I do find it strange that people are comparing the queue organisation here to queue management at theme parks like Disney/Alton towers etc as they are not comparable. These are fixed queues systems they can invest thousand of pound on them and in alot of places are part of a pre-show, They do not need to be moved and wil be there for the life of the ride/attraction. This is a temporary event going on for 2-3 days. Showmasters arent going to invest in putting that infrastructure in to something they only use once or twice a year. I doubt even that olympia would as IMO out of 365 days they only have events for about 100 or so and most of those would not have that problem. I do find it strange that shownasters did not plan for the queues and I think they do need some barriers of some kind but I don not think they need to buy them it would be surely be better to hire them for the event. Why not hire the metal barriers that they use for premieres etc as the will ususally be placed and collected after the event and you do not have to do it yourself . I wonder if Olympia has some barriers that SM could have used/hired but did not. I do not think that this necearily means an increase in pricing as a happy customer is more likely to spend than an unhappy one and due to comments already left on this forum they are in danger of losing some existing customers due to this problem.
  12. Unfortunately I could not go to meet him and was just interested in finding out approx how many customers/vt's mr Bakula got through.
  13. Anyone from Chuck especially the gorgeous Yvonne Starhovski. but also Zach Levi, Josh Gomez or Adam Baldwin, Oh and Summer Glau from Firefly and TSCC
  14. srb

    RIP Andy Hallett

    He was so funny and unbelievably generous and I always loved hearing about his timekeeping. He will be missed by everyone he cmae in contact with. My thoughts are with his family and friends.
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