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  1. Just wanted to say that I was very glad to see the Iron Fist cast attending. I'd missed the last time that they had, and as a big of fan of the show, it was certainly getting to me that I'd missed the cast photo opportunity. So thanks for doing one of those again. Especially since the cast were up for doing poses. I now have a lovely photo that I will always treasure of me and Jessica Henwick (who was just soooo lovely!) taking on the Iron Fist guys, with all of us in suitable action poses, almost like a scene from the show! They were also great at both the autograph tables and the talk. (At which I got to ask the very first question!) Kudos too to the girl audience member who told the cast members that they did the show proud. As they really did, both in the series itself, and in their appearances this weekend. A lovely experience all round, for which I will always be grateful to have experienced! :)
  2. I don't know about the marketing code, but on the Sunday, myself and another guy were looking at their stand and in particular the Special Edition there. One of the girls there approached us and told us we could have one simply by having a photo taken in front of the Alita Mural on the wall, and uploading it to social media under their hashtag. I explained that although I have instagram I dont tend to use it much. But she very kindly offered to do it for me. And once she did gave us both a copy of the special edition, with the making of book, prints, postcard cells, ultra definition and 3D blurays and a cetificate of authenticity autographed Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron no less! After the friend I was staying with pointed out how rare an edition it might be, I looked it up online to discover that it was costing $199! (£160) Best free gift ever!! And I'm indebted to the very kind girl who gave us it!
  3. I was in the late Matt Smith Tardis shoot, but it actually had an unexpected benefit. I'd earlier gained a VQ ticket of 307 for David Tennant but seeing what had happened with Tom Baker not reaching VQ's on Friday, (which made my decision to get a diamond pass, a sound choice there) and how busy Matt and Peter were, I didn't think I had any realistic chance of a Tennant auto. However since Davids auto section was just down from the photo shoot where Matt was, I decided to try my luck, and sure enough found someone in the queue saying he was signing up to 400. Funnily enough though there was a girl in front of me with her brother or boyfriend who had a number higher than 400. In speaking to her, she said at one point a guy staff member had said to them, just to join the queue. However a lady came out at that point to tell the crowds that there had been a miscommunication and that it was indeed only up to 400. And shortly after that, we heard the announcement to close the queue behind us. However the girl to her credit, just took a chance and stayed in the queue, and sure enough she got through and met her hero. Which she was overjoyed at. As was I when I got to see him too. It meant missing the Sam Neill talk I had a ticket for, (and was already late for when I came out of the Matt Smith Tardis shoot) but hey, sometimes sacrifices have to be made. And I'm happy with my choice there! I gained two dedicated autos from David Tennant and got to see him signing autos in a Scottish bunnet Haha! And he was lovely to meet. All big smiles and handshakes!
  4. Just wanted to add my thanks to all the staff and volunteers in dealing with what seemed like the craziest, busiest convention ever. The following moments stood out in particular for me, but I know that there would have been a lot of other instances of the staff and volunteers professionalism in the face of what must have been the most demanding convention ever. For instance on the Saturday afternoon I had a clash between the David Duchovny talk and my Jewel Staite photo, which meant that I was quite late getting to the photo booth. Because of this the guy in the red shirt at the entrance of it assumed I was there for the following photo session with somebody else, and put me in the queue outside. Luckily the fellow in the blue shirt was going around the crowds in the floor and making sure that there was nobody left for Jewel Staite. Thanks to him accompanying me in, I managed to catch Jewel just before she left. When I must have seemed in a very panicked state, (not helped by me trying to go round the wrong way!) But all the staff there, (and indeed Jewel herself) were so welcoming and friendly, allowing me to catch my breath and compose myself, and asking if I was ok. I was really very grateful for that. Then on Sunday, there was the nightmare clash of the only David Tennant shoot I had clashing with the group Doctors photo. (Which would have been a real devil's choice to make!) But the staff at Photo booths D, G and the green screen (as initially i went to the wrong area,) were all very helpful and patient with me. The lady in the floral dress seemed to be doing a great job of managing her team, and going out of her way to answer any hassles that were arising, including my dilemma. That was very much appreciated. Also when I was at the photo area for the Group Doctors shoot, and was anxiously relating to the person behind me in the queue that I was worried that I'd miss David, due to the group shoot being late to start, there was a girl at the photo table with dyed red hair who assured me that she'd checked and the David Tennant session was starting later, so I wouldn't miss it. This was a great weight off my mind, and so I was so much more relaxed in the shoot which actually shows in the picture taken, which has became my favourite photo of the whole weekend. Last, but certainly not least, i wanted to give a shout out to the lovely (and very pretty) blond girl in the green Nuffield Heath t-shirt who had to deal with the nightmare of the delayed Matt Smith Tardis shoot and the multiple hordes of impatient people giving her hassle over it. She kept her head, and was patient and understanding with everyone, and even seemed to be entertaining some of the crowd doing flexing exercises, (I guess to encourage people to look after their health?) But it was certainly a welcome distraction that I think helped take people's minds off their own sore backs, feet etc. So Thanks again to everybody there who all seemd to go above and beyond at every opportunity to make the weekend as stress free and as enjoyable as it ever could be, for as many people as possible. You all did an amazing job in ensuring we had a great time at the event and should be commended for the hard work, patience and kindness you showed at every opportunity!
  5. That might be the case. But why weren't we told about this sooner. It's been six weeks since the event. Surely it was known before now? People are going to be frustrated and upset if they've been checking the image site every day since, and are only finding out now.
  6. Thanks! He does, and I'm certainly glad I made the time to see Tobe on the Saturday. I guess you never know when the last chance is that you'll get to see someone.
  7. Damn, Sorry to hear this. When I was at the event, I was there getting an autograph for my brother. And Tobe wasn't supposed to be personalising, (as I think he actually was having a bit of trouble writing) but whilst his assistant was distracted he did so anyway. And because my brother is a budding director he actually signed the TCM poster photo, "Director to Director" and gave me some lovely advice to pass on to my brother. He didn't have to do any of this. His queue was immense, but he still took the time to do so. Seemed like a really sweet man. I was kicking myself afterwards, as I hadn't realised that he directed the original Salem's Lot, and I always loved that. It's been my favourite of all the King adaptions throughout the years. So I should have told him that as well. But I'm glad I got to meet him nonetheless. R.I.P Mr Hooper
  8. Haha! I didn't know that. They really are the best!
  9. Actually just realised that there is one more person that would top my list, though I get that he would probably be very unlikely. But if it was ever possible I would love to have Andrew Garfield be a guest at the London comiccon.
  10. My favourite photo was the one I got with Alan Tudyk in which he did a really funny back to back pose with me, where I didn't actually realise what he was doing until I saw the printed pic. At the autograph tables I really enjoyed my conversations with Alexis Denisof, and I loved what Mads Mikkelsen inscribed on my Brother's auto. (A 'Mr Doctor' quote from the film) Though my favourite moment there was actually in the queue for John Rhys Davies, as upon seeing the young fellow in front of me was in a wheelchair, he immediately bounded up from his table, came round to speak to him, and offered to take a photo with him crouching down in a quite funny pose. And then as he struggled up and back to his desk, he turned to me and exclaimed, "Ahh, it's not the years...it's the mileage!" Hahaha! Wonderful guy! As for talks, I only caught the last half of the Mark Sheppard one, as I'd been delayed getting an auto for my brother from Kevin Smith, (worth it though..) and then had quite a lot of trouble finding Stage 2. (My god, is it tucked away!) but Mark was magnificant. He actually came off the stage and wondered in and around the audience with his microphone, speaking to people face to face, and was absolutely hilarious through out. So even though it was only the last half, I was so glad that I got to see that. Best talk of the weekend for me!
  11. I gotta admit, My meetings with Benedict evolved over the weekend. I was a bit non-plussed meeting him at first for the single photo on Saturday and having him decline to do a Dr Strange pose. (As that's my favourite of all the solo Marvel movies.) If that had been the only time I saw him, I might not have been impressed. Then came his talk, and he seemed to really like my question and gave a very eloquent and thoughtful answer. Next at the autograph table he brought up my question again after recognising that the photo I was having him sign was from that scene in the film and thanked me for the question. And then in signing the next item for my brother he seemed really intrigued by it. It was a San Diego exclusive recreation of the Book of Vishanti. If there'd been more time I would have flicked through the pages and showed him more of it. As I think he assumed there wasn't anything beyond the first couple of pages.(9/10 of it are effectively a fake book, as it originally contained figurines. But there are another few pages that explore magic in the Marvel comics universe.) The reason I had it with me at the commiccon though was to borrow it as a prop for my duo shoots with him and Mads, and him and Benedict Wong. And it proved so memorable that upon seeing me with it at Mad's shoot on the Sunday he exclaimed, "Oh here he is, The Spell Man!" And then best of all in the shoot with Mr Wong, after the photo was taken he rushed forward and said to the photographer to take another photo, as he'd had a better idea. So he then did a lovely silly pose of him stealing the book from Wong much like Dr Strange in the film! So yeah, by the end of Sunday, I'd completely revised my opinion of him. And realised that he is a truly great guy that does take the time to ensure his fans have a good experience. I guess it just goes to show you, that you really can't judge someone on an single interaction. So yeah, I very much enjoyed meeting him, and wish him all the very best for the future!
  12. After being too late to upgrade to diamond, I held little hope for the personalized autograph my brother had asked for. (He's a director, and Kevin Smith is very much his inspiration.) But even though he'd been told no personalisations, Kevin nonetheless did so, and for that he has my utmost respect and gratitude.
  13. Both are probably seriously unlikely, but if it were possible:- Sarah Michelle Gellar and Timothy Dalton. Other than that:- Eliza Dushku Amy Acker Heather Langenkamp Matt Smith Karen Gillan Arthur Darvill Wentworth Miller Dominic Purcell Robert Knepper Jensen Ackles Jared Padalecki
  14. Did anyone else here get to meet Alexis Denisof? Guy was amazing. :) I'd been wanting to meet him for about 12 years now, and he certainly didn't disappoint. Took his time with people in the autograph queues on both Saturday and Sunday, having proper conversations to get to know people. Shook hands with everyone, had absolutely no problems with personalising everything, no matter how lengthy the inscriptions. Even offering to do so on photos where I hadn't came up with anything. Remembered me in the photo sessions and had a good laugh there too, and then in the Sunday talk was giving out free Buffy dvds signed by him and his lovely wife Alyson Hannigan to any folks asking questions. He was even especially impressed with myself bringing up a Much Ado about Nothing photo for him to sign on Sunday, asking where I'd managed to find one, as he'd been wishing they'd had some for folks at his table. And seemed genuinely interested when I related to him my meeting Joss Whedon on the way back from a film festival premiering it and talking about the film. He even thanked me for telling him about it all. He also asked where I was from and expressed his thanks for folks travelling the distance to come down and see them. (Even though I was only travelling about 400 miles. Nothing compared to how far him and Alyson had came!) He really couln't have been lovelier to meet in person, so I was wondering if anybody else on here had similar experiences? He was the highlight of my weekend for me at least, and someone who obviously cares a great deal about interacting with fans. Was so glad Showmasters got him. As I'll always treasure the experience of meeting him!
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