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  1. only attending saturday planning on meeting Alfred Enoch to get my Potter Poster signed (think that'll take me to 25 autos on it) Unfortunately the other potter guests have already signed it so just the one potter cast member for me this year. Also have a diamond pass (after using my refund from the Robbie Coltrane DP) for David Harbour so i will be starting a Stranger Things poster. was considering getting Joseph Quinn but that's unlikely to happen without a diamond pass (which are sold out)as he is SO popular right now. May grab a VQ ticket for him just in case. Was thinking about maybe adding Robert Englund to it as well but think ill give that a miss due to his auto being a bit too expensive for me. No cosplay. hoping to find some Harry Potter Lego sets and some Pokemon Cards. also need to continue the tradition of buying a pokemon plushie at each convention i attend
  2. welp... with coltrane cancelling and being on a stranger things binge i went diamond pass for David Harbour. looks like im starting a signed stranger things poster
  3. any chance of getting Guy Henry and Fiona Shaw for this one? was gutted when they cancelled in november.
  4. MORE POTTER GUESTS!!!! fingers crossed there's one or two announced tonight that i dont have an auto from on my poster
  5. Dropped them an email the other day. Automated response saying it may take a while because of lots of emails being received. Fingers crossed it's sorted out soon
  6. indeed. im wanting to wait until they announce whats happening with a reschedule (or a private signing would be nice) before i get in touch with showmasters to sort a refund, but ive not seen anything yet.
  7. Any info on when we can expect to hear about a reschedule or refunds? £200 in the run up to Christmas is a lot of cash to have ties up in a "maybe they'll attend another event" state
  8. Let's hear all the good stuff about the guests people met. I've missed these threads. Natalia tena is wonderful. Was super enthusiastic about my Potter poster and made my niece's day by signing her Tonks drawing in her sketchbook. Simon McBurney was a gent and has a fantastic beard. He signed my poster too. Jason O'Mara was fantastic and we had a good chat about Band of Brothers. He was excited about my band of brothers poster. It's not very often I go straight onto social media after meeting a guest and follow them. I did with him. Lance Henrikson was the highlight of my day though. WOW! Fantastic guy. Resigned a dvd cover which was a Christmas gift for a friend (after some of the showmasters crew helped me out and arranged it to be redone as it was all smudged and the ink wouldn't dry! Those guys were fantastic and I HAD to mention them. Thanks again!) Lance then told me to grab a photo (as he doesn't like signing dvd covers) and gave me a free auto as well. Absolutely wonderful man.
  9. What happened? Never seen a guest announced who then decided to bugger off to another con half way through. Mad
  10. Also thanks for posting this as I didn't see it on FB at all and there was no notification about it on twitter of from showmasters on here
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