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  1. Please get michael beihn this year been wanting to meet him for years
  2. So glad I missed her last time will make up for it this time
  3. Wow amazing guests for spring so far hopefully summer will get some great guests like spring hope use all have a great con this spring
  4. Cobra kai cast would be awesome to celebrate season 4
  5. Hi can anyone help my daughter can't make this event so I was wondering if I can refund it at the event for vouchers as I contacted the team by email a month ago and had no joy from them
  6. I still havnt been refunded for my daughters ticket and am wondering if I could get refunded at the event
  7. I've emailed the shops numerous times asking the question as my daughter cannot attend can I refund her ticket at the event
  8. Please can someone help me with the last post I put up would really be helpful don't know what to do
  9. Exactly mate it's only a month away and no 1 on here
  10. I'm not sure this has been said before I have 2 tickets for the full weekend and only I can make it can I refund the other one for vouchers??
  11. Hi i wont be able to go this year but can nxt year can i move my tickets to that date
  12. Thanks for tge update mate thought that would happen tbh so look forward to novembers now and hopefully we can use our july tickets for that event fingers crossed
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