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  1. It would've been OK if there wasn't any building work but not to worry things happen should be better next year hopefully
  2. If its busy I always go for the non busy 1 which always helps well sometimes lol
  3. I didnt notice either they should've kept it there not moaning about the event or anything surprised they havnt deleted the whole forum
  4. was brilliant talking about Doctor sleep forgot to mention about her in midnight mass which was a good mini series which is on netflix still I think
  5. Can't believe showmasters didn't do a post like they usually do passed away on July 6th
  6. I scan all mine onto my PC and save all of them so I have them for life lol
  7. I couldn't afford he's autograph at this event hopefully will get him again then I'll definitely get it to go with my photo I had he was very friendly and seemed to enjoy himself
  8. She definitely was will prob have to meet her again
  9. What a great guy came out b4 he's shoot and thanked everyone for coming to he's shoot he looked so shocked bless him
  10. Don't know if anyone has wrote any experiences they had with meeting her but she was awesome very friendly and always smiling even after her shoot she was so happy to meet everyone very bubbly person and she only got asked a week b4 the event about coming and said she was happy to come hope we see her again
  11. They should bring her back to do a critters reunion I'd definitely spend on a group photo would definitely be worth it or bring all them back for another ET shoot but also include drew barrymore
  12. I met him to and bumped into him after the phot aswell and we was chatting a bit
  13. They have got to do a red dwarf reunion at an event would be awesome
  14. He was awesome seemed very shy but he's so easy to talk to would definitely recommend if anyone gets a chance to meet him at an event to do it was well worth it
  15. Just wondering if anyone noticed how pixilated the photos were to get signed
  16. I was planning to meet Julian glover today but he cancelled unfortunately which i havnt got a problem with the problem is there was no email or notification they could also have just gave me vouchers today for the event
  17. What a joke I noticed the little teen girls were very rude and pushing in when I was getting a virtual ticket yesterday I managed to get 1 today which was good but feel sorry for the poor bloke looked absolutely tired this morning and yet again same as yesterday people expecially teens sitting on the floor while I was Trying to get a photo shoot sm needs to sort this out in future reference for health and safety reasons
  18. Why if a guest cancels u can no longer get a refund u have got to email them instead of getting vouchers I would have happily got vouchers to spend on other guests complete joke
  19. Makes me largh seeing loads of teens slapping loads of makeup on
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