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  1. kelligrafie

    Bob Gale Appreciation!

    This was the highlight guest for me this year too. He really liked my BTTF Live At Royal Albert Hall programme that's been signed by pretty much everyone except for Crispin Glover & Robert Zemeckis. Cavs I agree, I would TOTALLY love to meet Bob Z. He's done so many of my favourites, BTTF, Roger Rabbit & his Christmas Carol is my favourite version for sure.
  2. kelligrafie

    Things to keep in mind

    I always go for the 3 days but with it being a quieter year for me in terms of guests, I gave myself a 'side mission' to do outside of LFCC so I'd go there for a few hours, do everything I wanted & then I had something to do afterwards so I wouldn't be sat in a hotel room for ages by myself. I think sometimes people arrange meet ups that are open to anyone so you can always look out for them. :)
  3. kelligrafie

    General Chat

    So far they've announced Alex Kingston & there's now a Showmasters app. I'm hanging on in case there's more because they said there might be a few guests but it was all very up in the air. I think it would be nice if we got a 'that's all the announcements for tonight' post every time so we're not clinging onto our laptops, scared to move in case they suddenly drop a guest we really want.
  4. kelligrafie

    Guest cancellation - ALEX KINGSTON

    It is SUCH a reasonable price for someone that will be very popular.
  5. kelligrafie

    Disappearing Announcement

    Is anyone interested in having a Captain America/Cevans fan meet up? If any Cap cosplayers would like to join in & maybe we could try sorting out an unofficial photo op. I'm really angry about this situation but I want to do something positive with it.
  6. kelligrafie

    General Chat

    I'm wondering if we can do anything positive to make it up to the Cap/Cevans fans...
  7. kelligrafie

    General Chat

    You are actually kidding me. I hope the person who posted it gets a lifelong ban. What a douche. Devastated.
  8. kelligrafie

    General Chat

    Or we weren't meant to know yet. I'm hyperventilating.
  9. kelligrafie

    Guest Suggestions

    Wes Anderson Robert Zemeckis Jim Carrey & Jeff Daniels Pam Ferris Sir David Jason Danny DeVito
  10. kelligrafie

    General Chat

    I mean the paperwork...
  11. kelligrafie

    Next Big Announcement - Friday 7pm

    It's Martin sheen
  12. kelligrafie

    General Chat

    I bet the hits on their website go berserk whenever it's a big announcement from all the refreshing :)
  13. kelligrafie

    New Prop shoot. Note the details.

    Loving these new prop shoots Showmasters!
  14. kelligrafie


    I think he either went the night after me, or on my night. Either way I missed him & was gutted. I think Keith Lemon went my night though!