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  1. Sounds like there's a bumble bee there though for photo ops with Megan fox... I would assume it will be available at other times without her too, so it' very cool to see one if the things I thought would be nice there! I've had the awesome pleasure of driving a camaro in the states... originally I had booked a yellow and black one but they double booked so I had a pure black one! Photo with the correct colours would be nice.
  2. Such an awesome guest, especially a photo op with bumble bee would be amazing! Just went online to book it right away and get our tickets for the con... this is that guest we'e been waiting for to convince us to come... then I noticed shes not there friday.... sooooooooo disappointing - I'm working the weekend. Would love if we can get another day announced for the show! **keeping those fingers crossed**
  3. The main signed items I collect are the 5 inch action figures for the Walking Dead produced by McFarlane: Annoyingly I've got an odd number because no matter how often I try I just cannot get one signed by Ross Marquand. His queue always goes on for too long or gets cut off before I get to him. As nice as it is when the stars at cons spend time with the visitors, there is such a thing as spending too much time with them... Ross is definately one of those lol - too nice for his own good! Then I've also got a couple of bits signed by Eugene Clark from Land of the Dead - I don't really like my name on signed items but I wasn't planning on getting the photo so had it signed with my name. With collectables (like the custom pop I got from him) I always have no name. Finally I've got this signed Funko pop from the Ash vs Evil Dead series, signed by Bruce Campbell - someone I'd been wanting to meet for years! I've got a couple of other signed 10x8 photos as well which I have purchased over the years but dont have any pictures of at the moment. All of the ones above are signatures I have obtained myself in person at various cons.
  4. I agree that either of those red dwarf sets would be amazing! Last year I was pretty disappointed with the big bang set, so a convincing version of that would be nice to see. I always like seeing the cars which they bring, so I think a few others which would be cool to see would be Bumblebee from the transformers (car or robot version), the general lee from dukes of hazard, the spam wagon from kill bill, Ecto 1 from ghost busters or a selection of mad max vehicles (especially fury road). A selection of sci-fi weapons would be cool as well... I'm thinking along the lines of the ghost busters proton pack (I think I might remember these from last year, but Im not 100% sure), Aliens M41A pulse rifle, starwars light sabres or the various blasters, Hellboys Samaritan or big baby, the BFG from doom, the ZF1 from the fifth element or the red dwarf bazookoid - to name just a few!
  5. I agree he's actually really good in it... Probably my favorite character in the show! Even though I know he's done a huge amount of work both in film and TV, that's the only thing I really know him from!
  6. LOL, lets just say that where ever I may have been, made me appreciate showmasters all the more... lfcc should be thoroughly applauded for their organisation on show days!
  7. Finally this year is starting to get tempting... I was wondering when you might announce some guests I'd be interested in.
  8. In keeping with the whole film and comic theme I'd have to say musicians who are in some way connected those those which i'd love to meet include: Marilyn Manson (has done some acting as well as film scores - love his music for resident evil) Rob Zombie (music related to and for films as well as of course his amazing work as a director) Trent Reznor (has done a fair bit of film score work) Johnny Depp (I know hes an actor first and foremost but also an amazing guitarist) Mick Jagger (has done a few acting jobs, but should in my opinion stick to his music) Ice T (whose a surprisingly good actor and does vocals for some great metal music - not a big fan of his straight up rap work)
  9. Now also got (on 5 inch McFarlane Walking Dead figures) Michael Rooker, Greg Nicotero, Laurie Holden and Scott Wilson, as well as an official Funko pop signed by Bruce Campbell and a custom pop (as well as a photo) signed by Eugene Clark
  10. Heath Ledger especially id he'd done a photo op in joker makeup!
  11. So far this year have managed to get autographs from; Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Irone Singleton, Robert Kirkman and Jon Bernthal. All of these are on the 5 inch McFarlane Walking Dead figures... I could have got a few more done but I don't really like the ones which they made based on the comic figures (like their king Ezekiel and Jesus), so waiting for the new series of figures to come out... Hopefully soon - I'm sure I saw a preview of one for Jesus but couldn't remember when it was coming out!
  12. Although if we were talking about films containing that particular species of alien, I must say I'd have wanted to vote for Alien vs Predator (in fact I even prefer Alien vs Predator Requiem over the actual Alien series) - But the Alien series does have some awesome films (excluding prometheus and covenant).
  13. The only film I've watched at the cinema this year has been Jumanjii. We watched it whilst in New York on a huge screen in real 4D which was a lot of fun and very different to anything I've experienced in a cinema in the UK as well as being so much better than those awful 4d cinemas you get at fairs etc. The movements were much more exaggerated and things like the air were far more in time and with different intensities. If you ever get to see a cinema quality 4d film I highly recommend it. This film of course lent itself so well to that kind of viewing experience! Besides the awesome experience (and ridiculous snack sizes you get in the States), the film itself was absolutely hilarious. I don't think any of the actors gave a bad performance (I think the Rock just gets better with every film he does, and comedy certainly suits him). Taking the story and updating it to be relevant to today's kids was one of the best decisions they made... absolutely loved it and cant wait for it to come out on DVD so I can enjoy it at home.
  14. I think this is the right place to put this I know that logistically it's probably a nightmare and I guess that's why it doesn' happen, but if showmasters were to have live music at their conventions, who do you think would be the perfect and most relevant guests and why? It's something I think would perfectly round off any convention and would love to see. Some artists I think would be great would be: S.P.O.C.K because they radiate perfection for such an event. They are the whole reason I even thought of this. Having seen them live before, a group of Swedes in star trek uniforms singing about tribbles, the dark side of the force, the edge of space, e.t, storm troopers and much more... what else must I say? The misfits deal with all manner of horror related goodness. The guild (although I'm not sure if they are purely a YouTube project and as such don't perform live) make some great catchy songs, often with a gaming undertone. Rob zombie... for fans of his films im sure I don't need to say any more! The midnight beast have a fair few songs which deal with gaming and movie franchises. The guys at KfaceTV, performing some of their awesome star wars rap battles! As I said I don' think this is a possibility (sadly) because of the logistical headache involved in the extra equipment and set up... but how great would this be between panels? If nothing else this post is meant to be a theoretia way to try and spread the word about some great musicians we should be checking out!
  15. Hahaha to be honest I don't necessarily dislike it lol... redesign it in a pinup style drawing and we could have something here! Also I just realised I was totally off with my funko collection! I also have negan, caesar, baby groot, gir, nemesis, jack skellington, daenerys targaryen and freddy Krueger... but don' have daryl Dixon yet.
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