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  1. misaditas

    TV shows watched in 2019

    I've started watching the BSG reboot. Yes, I know I'm waaayyyy late. I had a few hang-ups due to being old enough to remember (and love) the original. It's pretty cool. I'm up to Richard Hatch's appearance, ouch. Also LOVED The Umbrella Academy over on Netflix. And of course Discovery.
  2. misaditas

    Guest suggestions

    Since Stargate convention got cancelled, could we have Cliff Simon and Suanne Braun? Plus Peter Williams because I SO want a Goa'uld Summit and photo shoot! After that, I'd be happy with anyone.
  3. misaditas

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Since Stargate convention's just been cancelled, I'd love to see some Stargate guests at Manchester Comic Con.
  4. misaditas

    Guest suggestions!

    Amanda Tapping Claudia Black Jaime Ray Newman Jonathon Young Ryan Robbins And please, please, PLEASE could we have a Goa'uld Summit? I know Cliff Simon, Suanne Braun and Peter Williams would all say yes!
  5. misaditas

    Dealers Room table

    A dealer's table costs £135 and includes basic access to the con - talks etc, but no autographs or photo shoots. I wasn't advised as to size, but I imagine they'll be six-foot tables.
  6. misaditas

    Yey time to start planning

    NOT a corset. Dear God, I nearly melted!
  7. misaditas

    guest sugestions for 8.1

    Jonathon Young Amanda Tapping Morena Baccarin Ben & Claudia (they come as a pair, right? ) Corin Nemic Robert Carlyle Kavan Smith And Cliff Simon again, because I'm greedy.
  8. misaditas

    Who bought tickets on already?

    Hey, I recognise you - you got into Cliff's guest encounter, didn't you? *high fives* I'm waiting on an email from Massive Events, but it's possible I'll be attending 8.1 as a dealer (gosh that sounds a little wrong, LOL). I don't know how much of the convention I'll see in that case.
  9. misaditas

    Thank you!

    That's the one! Thanks so much, Pooks. And of course, thanks to all the guests for taking time out and being so awesome - and hysterical! - especially one in particular. He knows exactly who he is. *grins*
  10. misaditas

    Thank you!

    I'd like to add my thanks, especially to the lady on the reception desk who ensured I got my autograph from David Hewlett. I'm sorry I didn't get her name, but I'm SO grateful!
  11. misaditas

    Chevron Tickets update

    Okay, I've calmed down and, thanks to Yvie, have the problem sorted. But seriously, I would not have a problem paying a little extra for a ticket purchased through PayPal. It would have saved on a lot of stress this week!
  12. misaditas

    Latest Guest Announcement - CLIFF SIMON

    you too, huh?
  13. misaditas

    Latest Guest Announcement - Martin Wood

  14. misaditas

    hotel hold charges

    Excuse the newb question - but does this mean they don't take anything off your card beforehand? Booked my room online and not sure what happens now.
  15. misaditas

    Party Themes Announced

    Mmm, Vegas. Burlesque, anyone? (Any excuse for a corset)