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  1. Has Bob Z or Drew Struzan ever done a show? They would be amazing to add to my BTTF collection
  2. Knight Rider David Hasselhoff The Incredible Hulk, Lou Ferrigno Zach Galligan and Gizmo from Gremlins StreetHawk's Rex Smith The weird Science guys Anthony Michael Hall or Ilan Mitchell-Smith Any A-Team guest probably Dirk Benedict Any Dukes of Hazzard cast to come back Any BTTF guest, especially Bob Zemeckis Movie cars General Lee, K.I.T.T, A-Team Van or Corvette, Street Hawk bike
  3. 1 table. Bob Z. 10,000 VQ tickets. THAT will be a show!
  4. I only went to meet Bob....and on the Friday when his table thought he wasn't going make it at one point! What a hero. Asked him if he would ever release BTTF in 3d and he said no it's designed for 2D. Brilliant guest get the other Bob next year
  5. Will he be signing again on the Friday after his Delorean pic? It's the only day I'm going quite fancy getting the pic signed.. thanks
  6. Brilliant... spotted him at secret cinema and he stopped to talk for a while. Quality guy deffo getting a delorean pic and an auto!
  7. I have a family ticket for 3 tomorrow, will it be okay to arrive at different times? Can I arrive for 9am and then gain entry for the other's at 11am? Thanks
  8. I took a pushchair in 2015 to Olympia was fine. V.busy but no comments from other visitors or bumps. Quite handy for loading up with merch as well tbh!
  9. Awesome, anyone know the best dealers at the show for BTTF concept art please? Thanks
  10. Have SM ever done child prices on photo ops in previous shows? I notice admissions are cheaper for kids but trying to have pics with your kids or as a family is pricey. You have to pay multiple times at full price for 1 picture.
  11. Thanks. Might not work then I can't buy the Tombstone pic separately. I'll call SM see what they say. Thanks for the info
  12. Is there a way my son can get in my DP picture does anyone know? He is 5. Cheers
  13. Another BTTF guest! Lea Thompson will be cool!
  14. Oh okay, get you. Thanks. Some people here already know that their batch which was confusing. Cool then. Cheers
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