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  1. Jumping here too… I am looking for a vendor that was selling swords from video games (like Legend of Zelda) I was reaaally tempted, but I was flying and I could not take it with me. Thank you in advance!!
  2. She was super nice to mee too! Do you know where can we see if she will go to another event?
  3. Hello from Spain again!! Thank you everyone for your help. It was an amazing day!! Everything went smoothly and I have to say Carrie-Anne Moss was lovely, even though I was so nervous that I forgot all my English. She must have tough I was a silly girl, but was lovely! I hope to see her again in an event. BTW, there was a store selling swords that got my attention, but I couldn't get one because of the plane. Does someone know their site? Again: thank you everyone for your help!! This was an amazing day
  4. Hello again! Are you already there? I still have a couple of free hours before going to the airport One quick question: As you might remember, I got a DP for Carrie-Moss, but I don't have a picture to be signed. I think I remember that if we didn't have one, the organization Will give the DP holders one to be signed, but I'm not sure and I can't find this anywhere (I'm a bit excited, so this could be me). Can someone confirm me this? See you all tomorrow!
  5. OOOk, did not think about this! Thanks for reminding me!
  6. This. I was thinking something similar yesterday, specially considering that I am flying. Will prepare this and the fan!
  7. By the way, may I ask is there is something you recommend for a first-timer? Still willing to be convinced of anything
  8. I didn't get it, either. Thank you!!
  9. And If the plane falls I think I won't have to worry about the refund!
  10. Getting it right now! Do you guys usually get the "protect my purchase" option?
  11. You guys are amazing. I'm definitively getting the DP
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