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  1. I appreciate that the guys at showmasters are extremely busy but it would be nice for an update given we are extremely close to event now and the restrictions are changing every day for us all. Doubt will go ahead but still would be nice to have an update please . Thanks
  2. My ultimate guest would be Harrison Ford, and if they pulled that one out the bag , money would be no object !!! A Must Have
  3. I am looking for mads mikkelsen diamond pass photo op on sat can't find it only one at 5pm Help
  4. I have had same problem with my diamond pass didn't stipulate Day ?
  5. Thanks I will keep an eye out nearer the time
  6. Given recent events and the heightened security at all events across the UK, I just wanted to know have SM thought about what will be required at the LFCC? I would just like to know if this in advance and also would people attending be able to bring poster tubes to the event as when myself and friend attends we both bring several posters for signature and would like to know what the protocol would be for this item? Thanks
  7. Thats great Ray thanks for the advice. Never had a pass before, so just wanted to ask people in the know.
  8. I am thinking of getting a diamond pass for Alan, can anyone tell me how many signatures i can get in addition to the one i am guaranteed on this? I know i will have to pay just wanted to know if you can how many on a diamond pass? Thanks
  9. Last year i think meeting Greg Grunberg was great, such a lovely genuine bloke and had time for everyone and great in the photo shoot too which made my day. Jessica Henwick was lovely too very down to early and had time for everyone. I could name a few more but last year met lots so hard to choose from.
  10. Diego Luna or Felicity Jones or Mads Mikkelsen (again ) Riz Ahmed or even Ben Mendelsohn, would be great TBH anyone Star Wars related . I would so love James Earl Jones, but dont know if he ever has done LFCC. That would be awesome
  11. Really made up with this hope there are more of Rogue One or any TFA , though my bank balance wont be happy
  12. I would love to see John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Forest Whitaker, Simon, Pegg , sean astin, josh brolin, martin freeman, benedict cumberbatch :)
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