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    Great guest! Wasn't going to bother with the London event this time but this announcement changed my mind!! Ticket and photo shoot booked :)
  2. Latest Guest Announcement - BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH

    I'm regular folk and I got his auto last time! I think what was meant that non- pass holders have the opportunity to get a personalised autograph and actually meet him. Last year he only did that for platinum and VIP. Gold passes got his autograph but it was included in your "goody" bag, it wasn't personalised and the only chance to meet him was the photo shoot.
  3. Sherlocked 2 and US event?

    The official Massive Events website have officially announced it. http://www.sherlocked.com/ The biggest criticism at the last event was the lack of communication. Massive Events have a mailing list from the previous event and were sending out emails saying an announcement was coming soon - last one was the Summer. They have facebook and twitter accounts as well which a lot of fans follow. Yet the only official announcement is a website.... how many people are actually checking that site on a regular basis when there hasn't been anything since the Summer? I would have hoped that they had learnt lessons from the last event, its not obvious so far that they have and that does concern me a little. It's not even listed as an event on this forum or on the Showmasters web site (Ok, yes its a holiday period, but why not back up the website posting using social media or wait until after the holiday period to make all announcements) As someone who had an absolute blast at the first event, I would love for this to be the same... but unless the organisers address the concerns and issues that were raised by a lot of people, it's only going to be good for those that can afford to pay for the expensive packages.
  4. Sherlocked 2 and US event?

    This has been tweeted by Sherlockology too.... shame we had to hear about it from a fansite and not the official organisers but hey, at least there's a date to start saving up for...
  5. That may be the case, but what about people who have already paid for hotels in London and booked transport? It's also more expensive. Many bus and train companies will do special rates for travel to London but not other places - Just checked and a return to London for me that weekend is £25. Return to Brighton £40 .... that's a difference of the cost of an autograph and when you're on a limited budget those kind of things matter. But of course, you guys don't really seem interested in those of us that only go for the basic tickets these days. Those that can afford to pay for the big packages won't mind paying a little extra for travel I suppose.
  6. The ExCel have a contract with another Con which means Showmasters can't host an event that is similar
  7. So how long before these are the only events Showmasters run and they become so expensive most of the "ordinary" folk who can''t really afford it will be priced out of attending altogether (or end up paying just to walk round a giant toy store because you can only actually get to meet any of the guests if you're willing to splash out on the expensive packages)
  8. Sherlocked 2 and US event?

    Thanks for the response QS :)
  9. Sherlocked 2 and US event?

    Any news on these? We had an email some time ago saying that a second con and a US event would be announced shortly.... If there's not then fine, I appreciate these things take some co-ordinating especially when the cast are all actors that are very much in demand at the moment. However the last email did seem to suggest that there would have been an announcement made within a couple of weeks of the email.
  10. There was a girl beside me whilst we were queuing to go into the BTTF talk outside on Sunday. She was on her own and wanted to smoke. She asked if I would hold her place for her whilst she went across the road to smoke, which I was happy to do. Rather that than smell of her smoke for the rest of the day. I have no objection to people smoking - what you choose to put in your own body is your business - but smoking in an environment such as a queue where your smoke encroaches on other people and forces them to breathe in your smoke is not on. Have some consideration, move away from the queue and if you're on your own like this girl was, a simple polite request to hold their place would be gratefully received by non smokers around them.
  11. ANSWERS to FAQs

    All well and good, but the two I have added my feedback to have now disappeared.... sorry, been "hidden".
  12. We have an amazing EXCLUSIVE for LFCC!

    I bought a set of the 2015 small figures, the card says 356 of 2015.... and I was given a huge bag for it LOL. The poster is awesome too, will save it to get a decent frame for it when I'm in my new flat.

    The problem with that is it a) assumes everyone uses twitter and assumes everyone has internet access "on the go". Not everyone has a smart phone and I know I had problems using the wi-fi on my tablet. What's wrong with having good old fashioned signs up where they can be seen easily?.... the tiny little boards at the end of the autographs just get lost in the crowd. I said this in the other thread started last night that seems to have been removed. Finding things was impossible... every map I found was different on Sunday, only one had the suggested "You are here" on it, some hadn't had the delorean shoot moved. The issues about stairs and lifts has been said - I don't think I ever got up to level 3 because every stair case I was directed to just went down to the ground floor. I gave up in the end because I was too hot. Also I understand there was a lot of confusion about the entry to the BTTF talk. There were no signs up at all to say that standard ticket holders had to queue outside to get in - I only vaguely recalled seeing something on here about it so checked earlier in the day - but I don't recall it being put on the FB or twitter, and not everyone uses social media. You obviously have someone capable of making good posters, so how difficult would it have been to have a nice big sign up explaining what to do. It would have saved the angry people who had queued for the best part of an hour at the entrance only to be told they had to go around outside and found themselves at the back. Showmasters do a great job in getting excellent guests but lack basics that would help things run so much more smoothly.
  14. Back to the future cast talk shambles

    Yes, I thought we were being called in batches... however I had asked earlier in the day about where to queue so we were pretty near the front of that line. There were no signs up at all to indicate this... a lot of confusion could have been avoided if a big sign was put up that said "Platinum and gold passes queue here, ordinary tickets need to queue outside at the West entrance" It's all very well announcing things like this on the forum and on social media, but for people like me that travelled and couldn't get a decent wi-fi signal all day, you don't see these things. You cannot assume everyone sees stuff online.
  15. Universal were filming the cast talk today.... are there plans for it to be available or are they using the footage for a documentary or something?