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  1. will he be available as a pre order? it it seems unlikely we will make it this year
  2. He is on the guest list for Exeter in October
  3. any of the Mentalist cast, esp Simon Baker, Malcolm Mc Dowell
  4. Malcolm McDowell would be a great guest
  5. Sean Col Jack O'Neill from Stargate SG1 Sheffield
  6. Be good to have some more guest announcements. I guess like other SM events guests could be announced up to the last minute. I would be pleased if Robert Picardo was announced.
  7. I apologise if this has been posted before. Looking at the DST site, I cannot find the prices for autographs. My son who is autistic wants to be able to plan his budget, so would like to know. if anyone can help I would be grateful.
  8. could be Patrick Stewart, his stage tour does not start until August, so he could be in UK at time of LFCC.
  9. myself and my son are attending for the first time this year, this is really useful info, thanks guys, but keep the info coming.
  10. Just looked on the pre order site for Brighton as I am not too sure if we will make it down. bit disappointed that there were no John Hurt as the War Doctor pictures to pre order, as my son really wanted one for his Doctor Who collection. Is there any chance of some War Doctor pics to pre order please.
  11. it was a great event, all the team I had conversations with during the day were really helpful and had the answers to the questions I asked. a good venue, well done all involved. roll on next year.
  12. i was at the Chris Judge talk, and agree that on occasions it was a little disruptive with people going up and down steps, one possible option would be to have both talk venues on the same side of the arena but at each end. this could allow for all the seating on the one side of the arena to be declared off limits except for talks, this would need policing, but could have the stairs not usable except for those needing to attend the talks and also in case evacuation is needed.
  13. had an awesome time today with my 3 children at Sheffield. it was a thrill to meet Chris Judge and also to go to his talk, he was funny and shared some great anecdotes on Stargate, Batman and Sharknado 3, along with some great sales areas, a brill day, well done.
  14. could someone please clarify, is he there Sat or Sunday, If Sat that's awesome as my daughter would like to meet him.
  15. thanks for flagging this issue, my son has autism and really struggled at times, I shuffled around as my legs are really painful, but you would not really notice either issue. I did not know about access passes until late on the Saturday when my son got jittery about not getting to meet RDA, having travelled a long way to see him particularly. the young lady blue shirt whose name i cannot remember was especially helpful and assisted in helping me get an access pass. well done, and to all LFCC goers thanks for the care that you do show to those less abled, either visable or hidden.
  16. I only got to meet 3 guests and to be truthful all 3 were brill, Sylvester McCoy, Alexander Siddig and RDA. It may have been crowded, it may have been hot, but just to meet those 3 was a joy.
  17. First timer to LFCC on the Saturday and had VQ ticket around 400, but thanks to a nice showmaster person, because my son is autistic and was struggling with the fact that we probibly not get RDA's autograph pointed out to us that we could get a access pass. Having got this pass joined the queue and finally got to meet him about 5.00pm. he was chatty and a genuinely nice man, although he was not doing personalisations, he was still a joy to meet and talk to, albeit briefly. Well done SM for such an awesome guest. His autograph is framed and on the wall with all the other pictures from various e
  18. Myself and my autistic son visited the London event for the first time on Saturday. One of the main reasons was because RDA was going to be attend. we had a VQ number of about 400. We kept going back on and off all day, we later found that it would be very unlikely that we would be able to get the autograph we really wanted. On talking with the young lady, who was doing really well,( especially as she had to effectively turn away people ) she said that i could have got an access pass, as my son was beginning to struggle. She was so helpful and after getting the pass let us join the queue. many
  19. just for curiosity, how many people were at the venue on saturday. we had an awesome time and saw the amount of people and just wondered about the numbers.
  20. my son depending on how he feels with either be Doctor 9,11 or 12,as he has costumes for each, not one unfortunately.
  21. was one of the people I wanted to see, oh well, hopefully another time
  22. Matlock in Derbyshire, only booked for Sat, so early start for us.
  23. What an awesome guest, always wanted to meet him. Can SM get him to Sheffield too as it is nearer home?
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