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  1. Hello! Is the guest list finalised? I'm preparing items for the pre-order service - Are Robbie Coltrane, Fiona Shaw and Ming Na-Wen still scheduled to attend the event?
  2. Are Riz Ahmed, Ming-Na Wen and David Warner still scheduled to appear at the event in July? I can't see these 3 on the Pre Orders website, so have they cancelled? Or just not updated on the site yet? Thanks :)
  3. Hi all! Has everyone received their pre orders from the event? Or are they yet to arrive? Pre order team are super busy, but want to see if its just me waiting. Thanks :)
  4. Hi everyone! Has anyone here received their pre orders yet or have any info when they'll likely start sending?
  5. I sent an item through the pre-order service, will I be refunded the same time as those who had photo shoots booked? Many thanks
  6. Just double checking which address I send my items to, can anyone confirm the correct house number for me please?
  7. When will the pre orders website be open for Cardiff Film and Comic Con items to be sent in?
  8. So would you suggest keep emailing until I get a response? Or just be patient? Or both?
  9. Hello, Has anyone not received a refund for pre orders for a guest who ultimately cancelled (Walter Koenig for example). I've tried getting in touch with the Pre Order shop but with little success. Is there a time frame for when I should receive a refund? Any one got any news/tips?
  10. I placed a couple of orders on the Pre-Order website. It only just occured to me that while I put a post it note on the items I want personalised, I did not put one on with my name and order number. I did, on the other hand, include a print out of the order inside the parcel box with the item. Would that be acceptable? Does it make a difference whether its a print out or a post it note? Or am I just worrying over nothing? A lot of questions, I know haha!
  11. I purchased a pre order with Walter Koenig, and sent in a personal item. This is the first time I placed an order on the pre order website. Can someone explain to me what the process is with getting a refund and getting my item returned?
  12. This may sound like a stupid question, but it just occurred to me... Are the photoshoots on the TOS & TNG Bridges part of the photoshoot schedule and given a specific time, or can you just walk over to the set and providing you have the ticket/form, you have your photo taken and boom, you're done?! I've got 9 photoshoots booked, so just wondering how it's gonna pan out. Clashes more likely?
  13. I was browsing through Twitter, and noticed before hand, people had been complaining about lack of guests etc. A fan tweeted Connor Trinneer asking if he'll be going to DST this October, and the response was "Yup, I'll be there!"
  14. So it's simply queue up, pay autograph price, and move on? That's handy! Thanks so much!
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