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  1. I would have thought that as it was a set of a lived in flat that the producers would add pieces and change things around as you would expect in a real property. Last year at Destination Star Trek I spoke to Wil Wheaton and showed him my 1975 Mego Enterprise flight deck and I told him that I got the idea from watching the episode where Penny bought Sheldon and Leonard the mint in box transporter unit. A month or so later the same flight deck was featured in the show. In was not in the previous episode or the one after but it still appeared. I would have thought that if you looked at a picture of the first episode and the last episode that it would not be identical. If you want the set to be identical to the flat in the show then which episode would that be. Things change over time and any decent tv show would take that into consideration. For example on the actual set there is a sword hanging on the wall and the sword was bought at the comic book store in the episode where Wil invited Sheldon and Leonard to the party at his house. On my picture with Wil there is a Scottish flag on the coffee table which relates to Sheldon and Amy doing Fun with Flags. Does anyone else own a Scottish flag?
  2. You mean Wil Wheaton. On the 7th of July on announcement they put up a photo of the actual set and it is very similar with a lot of identical props been used. When I look at the photo of myself with Wil Wheaton and compare it to the actual set I would say they have done a good job. On the pictures they have a whiteboard with scientific formulas and I don't think most people have anything similar in their living room.
  3. Whilst watching a film has anyone noticed a similarity between their own lives and what is happening on screen. Whilst watching Doctor Strange I noted that he got his powers only after the accident damaged his hands and but for the life changing incident he would be the same as everyone else. In 1993 my left hand was badly injured in an industrial accident when I was hit with an hydraulic hammer. Like Doctor Strange I had major surgery and had a metal framework inserted into the thumb but the top half died and the bottom half was infected so had to be removed. As I lost the thumb I have to stretch my fingers to compensate and so suffer from nerve damage in the hand. Despite all this I am actually glad that I became an amputee. By having the accident and knowing that the condition of my hand will only worsen it has sharpened my mind and made me more determined to make something of my life.
  4. Tom Morga signed my 1975 Mego Enterprise flight deck - 11 signatures of original series and films star trek actors on that piece. Tom Wilson added to Christopher Lloyds signature on an outatime number plate. He was also the 12th signature in a 1990 BTTF book of the trilogy. I decided to take a chance and bring my BTTF plutonium case as I was not sure if security would let me through but I was alright and Tom was the 16th signature on that. If you saw someone pushing a large yellow box on a trolley then that was me. Last year in America I bought an oil painting of Stephen Hawking and Benedict Cumberbatch signed that and he said that I now needed to get Eddie Redmayne to sign it as well.
  5. We arrived at around 8.15 and went straight to collect our diamond passes which took about 15 minutes. It was so much better to collect the passes before going into the hall. I was worried that I would not be allowed into the hall with my plutonium case but I had put paper over the signs saying plutonium or radioactive and whilst in the queue for Thomas Wilson the crew member said it was a very sensible idea. I had my items checked and was allowed in no problem. I did notice that security had dogs with them and that was highly reassuring to see as I believe they would be trained to detect explosives which after Manchester was a major concern.
  6. £55 in diesel to drive down from Yorkshire. £29 to park at Olympia. Tom Wilson was £245 for a diamond pass and 2 extra autographs. Benedict Cumberbatch was £450 as I bought diamond passes for my sister and myself. Tom Mortga was just £15. We had 2 rooms at the Hilton hotel at Heathrow on Friday night and saved a bit of money as we got the rooms for free. I don't like paying for hotel stays as I am usually able to stay for nothing. I brought my other sister down in 2015 and we had 2 rooms for 2 nights and again stayed for free.
  7. I always thought no posed photos meant you could not have your photo taken with them but I have always been able to take photos of the guest signing my items without any problems. With Benedict the signs said No Photography which meant you could not take any photos and I did see security telling people who tried to but their cameras/phones down. I took photos of Thomas Wilson signing 2 of my items.
  8. Does anyone know what time diamond pass holders have to be there to get his autograph before virtual ticket holders are called. Is there an actual start time like with photo shoots.
  9. For photographs the times are announced and its diamond pass holders first. There are no announced times for autographs so how can there be a slot when you have to be there. Unless it has changed from 2015, there were no set queues for Christopher Lloyd so you could not join the back of numerous people standing around holding a virtual ticket trying to find out if they could get something signed. There are crew members at the front of the queue but not at the back. What would happen if someone with a diamond pass was told to join the queue at the back of virtual ticket holders for their guaranteed autograph and were then told that they could not have one as the guest had to go off and do a photo shoot or talk.
  10. Its important to let the crew members know that you have a diamond pass otherwise you could be waiting unnecessarily.
  11. yes, you join the queue after the other diamond pass holders as they hold the same pass as you do.
  12. That's what happened in 2015 when I saw Christopher Lloyd. There was a long queue and I let them know I had a pass and went to the front. The diamond pass guarantees an autograph but a vq ticket does not and that is why you are allowed to go in front. Last year at destination star trek the same happened with my commander pass. Diamond passes take priority over all others as that is why we are paying large amounts.
  13. When I have had diamond passes before you can go at anytime and if your let the crew members know you have the pass you were able to go to the front of the queue before any virtual tickets or gold passes. Its one of the perks of paying for the pass.
  14. I I have bought some identical radioactive stickers from the company who sold me the case. I was thinking about just bringing one down to be signed and then attaching it to the case. Although the case itself will not be signed I think it should still add to the piece. At the 2015 event a replica guitar that Marty played at the dance was signed by the back to the future cast and that sold at auction in America for $24,000 and given that my case has more signatures and inscriptions I am wary about taking it with me.
  15. Where would I stand if I wanted to bring my yellow plutonium case for Thomas Wilson to sign. It says on it "Plutonium handle with care" and is covered with radioactive stickers. I am worried about bringing it as I don't want anyone to see it and panic given recent events.
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