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  1. Highly unlikely at this late stage I know but we Musketeer fans are still crossing everything for some guests - know you can add right up to last minute and there have been some cancellation - pllleeeeeease consider, know talking to them last year they enjoyed it and Tom Burke was sorry to have cancelled.
  2. getting closer I know, but still holding out for any Musketeers??
  3. Come on Guys you just have to get some of The Musketeers cast back this time, Ryan and Howard were brilliant and so popular and we definitely need to see Tom Burke as he was unable to make it last minute last time - been waiting a whole year.....please don't let us down!!
  4. Hi just wondered when we might be hearing about whether more guests will shortly be announced?
  5. No bad thing!! Oh and would also love some Game of Thrones stars too
  6. Simply has to be the return of the Musketeers!! all for one and as many as poss please!!! ( including Ryan a.k.a. The King in that too)
  7. Just wanted to say a huge thank you for yesterday from one very happy Musketeers Fan, initially disappointed that last minute Tom was unable to attend but we were more than compensated with Ryan, Howard and Alexandra - it was such a brilliant talk and they were all lovely when getting autographs and photo shoots. I also found this con a lot easier than at Olympia last summer, the layout was well planned having the talks and photo areas all on one level and next to each other, and the show crew manning them were friendly and helpful. There were also plenty of seating areas for when a well earned rest and coffee were needed. Cardiff is well on the map ( which is great being my home town) and I look forward to seeing Guest List for October. Needless to say with the great response for The Musketeers this time around they should be a definite on the guest suggestion ideas. Thanks again.
  8. Hello, just wondered how many are on early bird entry and planning to queue?
  9. This is what is called the Virtual Queueing. It is always used for the popular guests. I currently have no info which guests will be using it in Cardiff. But I imagine your Musketeer guys are pretty good candidates. Thanks, will go to autograph area first and check , if not back to main table but if anyone is able to confirm will be using the virtual system that will be great
  10. Hi just quickly checking when I attended before I went to where guest was signing and there was a person handing out numbered tickets (free) for queue, is that still the process?
  11. Totally second that - after this one only Aramis to complete set of the four Musketeers I have met! see you there lornelover ( I will be the jelly like one)
  12. ok work browser does not open so will have to wait until home, but friend tells me Ryan's photo shoot is 1.30 and Howard's is 1.45? are they in same booth i.e just swap - if not too tight to get to another?
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