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  1. Will we be able to get our Diamond Pass photos on the Friday? I've got mine on the Sunday and I'm only going to get the photo. It would be a lot better if I could get it on the Friday instead.
  2. Anybody from The Walking Dead, Supernatural or Daredevil. Definitely some new Wrestlers that haven't been to Cardiff before. A big guest from Star Wars would be cool, too. Although, unlikely. Maybe somebody from TBBT, Friends or other popular sitcoms would be amazing!
  3. Overall, the event was great. The amount of traders was so fitting for a venue that size. The quality of guests was incredible. Only a few things that put a downer on it for me. 1. Some of the staff weren't very helpful at all. I was in a rush on the Saturday due to arriving late and I only had 10 minutes to find the MJF photo shoot. I asked a crew member by the door where photo shoot A was and they replied with 'Dunno, look at the floor plan'. 2. The queues for guests. Most of this isn't Showmaster's fault. They implemented the ticket system for the more high profile guests, which bot
  4. You need to be able to present the QR for scanning so yes either your email, phone app, screenshot etc That's fine then. I couldn't find a way to print them and they weren't showing on my printed tickets. As long as I don't get stuck outside!
  5. Do we need to have our E-Mails ready to prove we have purchased the E-Ticket? Or will it be ok?
  6. Oh. Thanks, everybody. I wasn't expecting to be using a card, however I was just checking so that I didn't have to carry loads of money around with me throughout the days.
  7. I haven't seen anything about this, but I may have just missed it if it is on here already. (In that case, sorry) What is the situation with paying for things inside the event? Will it be mostly cash only or will you be able to pay with cards? If it is only cash, is there any ATMs nearby? I've only been to Cardiff Comic Con before and not many vendors would accept card. Fortunately, there was 2 ATMs outside the arena. Thanks.
  8. You can go to any shoot after your batch has been called and not before so for number 1 if you want to go together you might have to wait until the second shoot when batch 4 might be called. If the MJF with clock face shoot on the time table has no number by it then it is the only shoot that day and you will be called at some point. Ok, that's cool. Thanks a lot. Really cleared everything up for me! It's my first time doing photo shoots, so I was a little clueless.
  9. Can you answer some questions for me, please? 1. I have a Batch 1 ticket for Michael Gambon and my friend has a Batch 4. Would we be able to go together, or would he have to wait for the second shoot? 2. Is the photo shoot with Michael J. Fox and the Clock Face on the timetable the only one running or is there another one? I've got a Batch 2 ticket, so I would be good to go to that one, wouldn't I? 3. If you have a Batch 1 ticket and can't get top the first shoot because of clashes, can you go to the second one? Thanks
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