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  1. elisewin

    Talk and Photo Shoots Update...

    Is there any chance to know if this talk will be on Saturday or Sunday? Cause I won't be there on Sunday, otherwise I'll wait to buy it. Thanks in advance :)
  2. elisewin

    Talk and Photo Shoots Update...

    Me neither
  3. elisewin

    E-ticket verification?

    If anything's wrong you will be contacted as it's already been posted a couple of times in this thread. Sorry, Eventbrite is a new system and the mods are not 100 percent familiar with it yet. I haven't seen the layout of the confirmation e-mail personally. Is there a "button on the left" that you could click? If you can I'd try that. Thanks Queen Sindel.Yeah, i clicked the button on the left accepting the eticket verification and on the ticket confirmation it says accepted indeed. I'll try to email them to check if everything is ok. Thanks!
  4. elisewin

    E-ticket verification?

    No, just £44 for the weekend ticket
  5. elisewin

    E-ticket verification?

    Hi guys, sorry to bother you, just need a quick confirmation that everything is fine with my ticket (I know you probably got bored about it ahaha). I have received the email with the ticket confirmation and the ticket in pdf from Eventbrite, and on the email it says "I agree that I have added E-Ticket Validation to my Order by clicking the button on the left - Accepted". I've been charged the ticket price on my bank account but not the £2.50 for the e-ticket validation. I mean, I can't see that on the bank statement. Is it going to be charged later? Is everything fine? Thanks in advance!
  6. elisewin

    Double photoshoots

    Thank you so much :)
  7. elisewin

    Double photoshoots

    Did anybody ask today about this? Is it possible?
  8. Very gutted about that, as many I bought the single photo and then I have been told that it was cancelled and I got a refund. But at the moment there was not even chance to get an autograph anymore cause it was too late and the ticket was gone.
  9. Ahaha me too, he was with Finn Jones and with a beer (of course)
  10. elisewin

    Early bird LOL

    Is there anyone can answer here? I got an early bird ticket but unfortunately I had to arrive 15 minutes ago, so I joined the queue, but it's look like most of the people in the queue have standard ticket. Do I have to wait anyway in this queue or can I go straight inside because The early bird?
  11. Did someone buy the single photo today? Because I can't see it on the timetable
  12. Yeh I went and asked at the sales desk and got one!!!Oooh thank you so much for the news!! I hope to find one tomorrow, even if I have to queue again after today (soooo long and slow the queue at sales table)
  13. I though this was meaning that £20 was for the single photo