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  1. Will the photo shoots be available online soon please?
  2. Hope so, still waiting for the Destination Germany ones from this year. Any news on Shazad being in the group pic on Sunday?
  3. Hi, will Shazad be in the Disco group photo on Sunday please? Will it be available for download too?
  4. Whenever I've attempted to print an image with a high resolution but low dpi it's come out very pixellated so I'm not really sure how your theory works
  5. I would say that's not high enough for 8x10 size, that's a shame
  6. Do you know the DPI Rob? A higher DPI lessens the chances of pixellation
  7. Would you need new printers or could they set the current ones up to print a larger size instead? I'm thinking 2 printers set up for 8x10s just for the group shots, at £375 a pop I think it's viable
  8. Are the jpegs of a high enough quality where we can expand them without pixellation? Considering there are only 2 group shoots I think it's a reasonably attainable request
  9. I think for the group shots it would be great to get larger prints of our photos as the current size we get just doesn't do them justice. Would SM consider getting printers dedicated to producing larger group prints please?
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