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  1. Guest suggestions.

    Scott Bakula !!!
  2. My Guest Photos! :)

    nice video, Richard!
  3. Guest Suggestions

    Daniel Radcliffe Scott Bakula David Tennant
  4. Giving gifts to guests

    that's a good idea! I gave a mug decorated with Golf images to Kevin Sorbo, when I met him, ( knowing he plays golf) and he appreciated it so much!
  5. Giving gifts to guests

    I brought a little gift to every actor I met. They have always appreciated them very much.
  6. Latest Guest Announcement - RUTGER HAUER

    great guest!!!!!
  7. Destination Star Trek Europe 2016

    this will be a BIG event !!!!! 50 years of Star Trek!
  8. Destination Star Trek Is Back!

    I've just read this A M A Z I N G news about DST ......and I'm very happy !!!! I hope to come to this BIG event!
  9. Reports surfacing that Alan Rickman has passed away

    I'm still shocked for the loss of David Bowie.....and today we have lost a charismatic actor like Alan Rickman..... (sigh) R.I.P Mr. Rickman
  10. RIP David Bowie

    I've not been a huge David Bowie fan, but I've always apprecieated some of his songs. A couple of years ago I went to visit in London , at the Victoris and Albert Museum, a special collection of items and videos and costumes who were showed there. There, I saw how great was all his work into the music's world. Every his performance was full of love for the music. David had the opportunity to "live" all his life into the element he loved, the music, and he gave to his fans (and not) a collection of masterpieces that will never be forget. Thank you, David Bowie. R.I.P.
  11. Guest Suggestions

    David Boreanaz.....