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    Guest Suggestions

    Popping back to request once again for Jamie Bamber to attend. I don’t need to state my reasons as I don’t want to sound like a broken record (which I’m aware I probably do so I do apologise, this just means a lot). I will say though that his new show Strike Back airs on UK TV on 28th February and is another big fan favourite show so yet another reason to please try and get him to Spring Con on top of the fact that there needs to be a bigger BSG contingent there aside from just Katee Sackhoff. Thank you in advance & in eternal hope x
  2. JemJar87

    Guest Suggestions

    It’s not just us @SophieViolet95
  3. JemJar87

    Guest Suggestions

    Basically everything she said. We cannot put into words what the chance would mean. It means the world and more. When Katee was announced very early on as one of your first Spring Con announcements along with another LFCC cancel-ee someone on Twitter stated that there appeared to be a theme occurring of cancelled LFCC attendees. And this was seemingly confirmed by the Showmasters Twitter. Yet since then, there don’t seem to have been many cancelled guests re-announced. And it surely can’t just be Katee representing the BSG contingent? Plus who wouldn’t want an Apollo & Starbuck reunion??
  4. JemJar87

    Guest Suggestions

    I know I’ve said this about five hundred million times (& counting) but please. Please please please please PLEASE get Jamie Bamber. I don’t want to meet anyone else and I will travel all the way from the cold and desolate North down to London literally to meet the man who brought me my best friend & helped me to overcome some serious challenges in my life. I just want to thank him. He’s the inspiration for my writing and he’s an inspiration in general to me. Soppy? Probably. But it’s the truth. And hell if you don’t ask then you never get the chance. I was this close to meeting him last year when he (completely understandably) had to cancel due to being thousands of miles away filming. I just want the chance again. Thank you (in advance & forever in hope)
  5. JemJar87

    Guest Suggestions

    This. Pretty pretty PRETTY please?
  6. JemJar87

    Guest Suggestions

    Just popping back to say (once more) -Jamie Bamber That is all. Oh, just one more thing. Pretty pretty please!!
  7. JemJar87

    Guest Suggestions

    It is a dream of mine to meet Jamie Bamber & I came so SO close to it in July at LFCC before he completely understandably had to cancel due to work commitments (Malaysia is a pretty long way away!). If you could get him back for the Spring Con it would mean the absolute WORLD. He’s a complete inspiration to me & a dear friend and we would love the opportunity that be able to tell him this face to face. Of course as well with March 2019 being the 10 year anniversary of BSG finishing & with so many of the cast sadly having to cancel LFCC this year it would be a perfect opportunity to try & get them back wouldn’t it?