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  1. Thanks Showmasters! I hope to be there, provided he doesn't cancel (with my 18x items for him ).
  2. Sebulba

    Guest Suggestions

    Mike Quinn. I was supposed to meet him on the Friday of LFCC, but he had to cancel the Friday the day before, just after I had booked everything. So how about bringing him to Exeter? I've never seen him at a signing in the South West and I know a couple people missed him due to the Friday cancellation. I have 18x items for him to sign, so it may be worth his while.
  3. Sebulba

    Guest Suggestions

    Star Wars: Mike Quinn David Barclay Simon J. Williamson Dickey Beer WWE: Gangrel Grandmaster Sexay
  4. It would be awesome. Also, around July, there will be a lot of FNAF stuff coming out, from what I've been told.
  5. Sebulba

    Guest Suggestions

    Gangrel (WWE) Simon Williamson (Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi) Mike Quinn (Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi)
  6. Sebulba

    Wrestlers for european cons

    Undertaker has done a few cons over the past couple years, actually (in the US, don't think I'm allowed to name the company *sigh*) Mick is scheduled for a few US cons atm. HBK does cons quite often in US and a couple in the U.K. Steve Austin NEVER unfortunately =( I want Gangrel lol. Got some Brood photos awaiting completion!!
  7. Sebulba

    DST Autograph Pre Order Service CLOSING TIMES

    I received mine today, coincidently. Hope yours arrive!
  8. Sebulba

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Peter Allen sadly passed away early this year. Oh no, I'm very sad to hear that. He always seemed like such a nice man. My condolences go to Hazel, Wendy and family. He had some pretty awesome roles in Jedi and will be remembered fondly!
  9. Sebulba

    Guest Suggestions

    Star Wars: Simon Williamson Peter Allen Tommy Weldin Mike Quinn Power Rangers: Karan Ashley David Yost
  10. Sebulba

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Star Wars: Peter Allen Tommy Weldin Andy Bradford Power Rangers: Karan Ashley David Yost WWE: Rey Mysterio Jacqueline Steven Richards Grandmaster Sexay/Brian Christopher Steve Blackman
  11. Sebulba

    Guest Suggestions

    Billy Gunn (WWE) Karan Ashley and any original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
  12. Hi there, can anybody tell me if John was in any other scenes? (e.g. behind or to the screen right of Jabba; http://i.imgur.com/Qt54K8x.png) Also, does anybody know if these are John; http://smg.photobucket.com/user/showmasters/media/pic7.jpg.html http://www.jeditemplearchives.com/galleries/2013/Review_JumboVintageYakFacePGM/Review_JumboVintageYakFacePGM_stillA.jpg Thanks!!
  13. Will he be available for autograph pre-order/send-in? Cheers.
  14. Sebulba

    Guest Suggestions

    Karan Ashley (Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers) please!
  15. Also, I've never heard of him as a Snowtrooper. Keith Swaden was. Can Showmasters/anyone confirm he was a Snowtrooper?