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  1. Gefahrensucher


    All I can say is, he is TOTALLY worth the price. He was a very humble, nice and funny guy to take a pic with.
  2. Gefahrensucher

    Post your LFCC photos here.

    Someone I met told me that it is impossible to get 9 photos on a croweded saturady... I took 11 No premium, gold, diamon vip s***, just bought them the day I arrived. *Jarrett
  3. Gefahrensucher

    Post your LFCC photos here.

    Can some upload a picture with chuck, erm... I mean zachary levi? Was he really doing his fotos with a doom shirt?
  4. Gefahrensucher

    Pass Pickup Times

    I got a Saturday ticket, so that means for me Blythe Road Hall H entrance? I want to buy a few other Photo tickets once I'm in, will it be possible to get a pic even that I buy them so "late"? The problem is, I need to catch a flight earlier back to germany (need to be in the barracks for fire fighter support now that we too got forest fires close to my army base), but I also want a pic with Chuck and a few others later that saturday. So if I ask a crew member can they help me/will they?
  5. Gefahrensucher

    Deutsche Showmaster Fans

    @Queen_Sindel Wie funktioniert das denn in london mit den Fotoshootings? Gibt es dort einen einzelnen Infostand wo ich Fototickets kaufen muss, oder sitzt jemand mit ner Kasse vor jedem Fotoshooting?
  6. Gefahrensucher

    Deutsche Showmaster Fans

    Besteht die Möglichkeit vor Ort Eintrittskarten und Foto ops zu erwerben? (LFCC) Kann auch jemand anderes mit seiner CC die tickets kaufen und dann eben nur meinen Namen eintragen? Bei dt. Cons die man über eventbrite bucht und per bank bezahlt geht das.
  7. Gefahrensucher

    Deutsche Showmaster Fans

    Wieso kann ich hier keine privatnachrichten versenden? (0 messages a day) haha sehr witzig. Und ich wollte grade einen Ticketgroßeinkauf machen und dann kommen die hier mit Kreditkarte. Ich hab leider keine, selbst mit Beantragung würde das noch ewig dauern, gibt es keine andere Möglichkeit zu bezahlen? Menno...
  8. Gefahrensucher

    Guest Suggestions

    I want Donnie Yen for amsterdam (or berlin), or any other asian movie star.
  9. Gefahrensucher

    Asian stars

    I would like to meet and get pics with some of the best actors from asia. Min Sik Choi Lee Byung-hun Simon Yam Takashi Miike Shinya Tsukamoto ... just to name a few There is almost no chance to meet them outside of asia
  10. Gefahrensucher

    PREDATOR (1987-2017) 30th Anniversary Reunion

    I would pay much money for a group pic...
  11. Gefahrensucher

    Guest Suggestions

    I would like to see more 90s wrestlers and some asian movie stars. Especially Byung-hun Lee
  12. Gefahrensucher

    Guest Suggestions

    Christopher Lambert and Jean Reno!!!
  13. Gefahrensucher

    Wrestlers for european cons

    Surely you mean nWo 4 life Of course brother, I meant 4 life. Sorry for my incorrect use brother.
  14. Gefahrensucher

    Wrestlers for european cons

    I would like to meet Wrestlers. You know the old cool kind, not the new boring ones. I'm talking abbout: Scott Hall (Razor) Kevin Nash (Diesel) Stone Cold Shawn Michaels Bret Hart Mick Foley I would pay up to 200€ for a double fotoshoot with Nash and Hall (nWo ftw)
  15. Gefahrensucher

    Day Tickets

    Seems like the facebook page tries to avoid this subject, I'll ask directly. Will there be tickets (Sat/Sun) available on location? I can't be the only one who doesn't know yet what shift he has, will have to work on at least one day of the weekend etc. Most companies nowadays tell you the week before when you have to be there and what shift, so it is useless for me to preorder anything. If I haven't preorderd I'm not able to attend and spent money?