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  1. We had a couple of stand outs and they cancelled. How can show masters justify the price increase. First con we had Brian Blessed, Robert Englund, Lance Henrickson and even some big comic names like James W Barr. This time we got nothing like that, not even a Dr Who
  2. I did not post this, wtf? There's already a few topics and posts about this on the forum. I also sent you an e-mail explaining. Please check the e-mail you are registered with. Thanks QS, as long as it's in hand.
  3. How about Garrett Wang or Jonathon Frakes for Cardiff too?
  4. Yeah, but you can sell them to other fans, or on a secondary market. A can't think of many events where you can't sell them on or transfer them at all?
  5. Been wanting her to make an appearance back on the scene here for ages! A much sought after sig to add to my poster. :)
  6. He signed for free last time but he also offered COA's to go with whatever you had signed which were £3, these he also signed. Completely optional but a nice addition I thought. As far as his artwork, he had limited edition signed prints which ranges between £25-£40 if I remember right, and his original hand drawn sketches in his portfolio was £100+ for some of The Crow stuff.
  7. Is he attending all weekend, it says above Saturday, but photo shoots are for Saturday and Sunday? Apologies if this has been confirmed elsewhere already.
  8. Met him previously and he was really chatty, signed my The Crow Graphic novel and I bought a nice lithographic print of some artwork, spoke for a while about the new stories he's involved in, really nice guest to meet.Good to see him back.
  9. Altogether, including gold passes, travel, accommodation, food, 4 x photo shoots, 9 autographs, 1 Game of thrones screening ticket (which I gave away to a girl I didn't know) 2 T-shirts, 2 books, and 1 entry into a raffle... £1530. Woulda been more if Natalie Dormer and Peter Mayhew hadn't cancelled.
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