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  1. Hello, I am really sorry to have been a pain, I have checked my bank statement again now and I have my refund. So sorry for being an idiot :/ Just was worrying as I hadn't had a reply for ages, but its all sorted, thank you for your help. Sorry again!
  2. Hi again, can anyone help me? I have been waiting for weeks for a response from the e-mail I sent to both addresses and I am getting quite concerned now that I still don't have my Jamie Alexander photoshoot refund from the October show. I am not trying to complain...I just need some reassurance that I will get money back and I am also going away in 2 weeks and I would just like to know how I get it. It is on my bank statement and I have the copy of the ticket. Please advise. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks :)
  3. It should get passed on but e-mail info@collectormania.com just in case it gets overlooked. Hiya, Thanks for your help. I will e-mail this address :)
  4. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone could help me with getting my refund for Jamie Alexander photoshoot? I sent an e-mail a week ago but I sent it to the info@showmastersonline.com e-mail? Do I need to re-send to the collectormania.com address instead? Thanks.
  5. So excited about Thor 2 coming out next year! :) I saw the set pics on twitter, yes will be good to see the set pics of Loki. I wonder which hairstyle he will have this time?
  6. Guys, sorry to step in here. But the forum rules don't allow us to talk about non-SM/ME shows. If you add each other on Facebook please figure out things there. Thanks a lot! Sorry showmasters Didn't realise, will not talk about other conventions on here again, sorry. @Siriuslyblack I hope you friend is ok x
  7. Good choice! :) He was hilarious in Home alone 2 :)
  8. No worries, Thanks for looking anyway. Unfortunately I had a feeling it might be like that...but anyway if there is ever an Avengers convention some day I will be there :) I hope you get to meet him one day and give him your artwork :) Hopefully they will both do a con one day :) x
  9. cool, that is awesome that it was your street they used! :) I am in London on the weekend but am at the Paralympics one day and Fireworks on Sunday night...maybe I can convince my mum to go before the fireworks hehe lol...I wish...lol. Cool, will be good to hear what you find out :)
  10. That's what I'm hoping, because that's what we did when we watched the knight bus scenes. All stood quietly and just watched and only spoke if anyone or the film crew spoke to us :). Super exciting, I can't wait for Thor 2. Exactly Aww cool! Yeah i can't wait for Thor 2! Awww @Mr.Sark that's shame Oh don't worry, i'm sure we shall report back lol! Not want to go?! wow. How can they not wanna go?! Yeah, not normally photos and that on set, which is totally understandable. But just to see it would be awesome LOL I think they are insane people from Planet loopy loo if they don't want to go. I mean it's Thor 2, it's insane to not want to go. I would love to go...just having the time to go as my weekends are manic + I have never done this before so don't know much about what happens? I got confused cause when I looked up Shepperton a while ago it appeared to only have a bus that goes there for employees only + people with tickets to tv shows and a letter and proof of identity? That confused me...which is why I wasnt sure whether it was open to the public so now I am totally confused lol. I am clueless about the area so didn't really know where it was and as I don't drive it didn't seem easy to get to unless you get a taxi from the train station I think? Hopefully I have read wrong...it sounded like it was a closed set in the middle of nowhere. Does anyone know the area? Is it on a public or private road? Sorry I am clueless lol. (Hope I am not one of the insane people from Loopy Loo lol I want to go, just like to plan first and know exactly where I am going...don't want to turn up on my own or even with my friend and no-one's there lol). Months ago, my friend and I thought it was originally in the centre of London being taped in the streets lol which would have been fun to see :) If any of you go, have fun and let us know how it goes :) If I did manage to go, I am sure I would come find any of you there if I could find the way and knew where you go to stand. Knowing me I would get lost as I have such a poor sense of direction! lol
  11. ooo do you mean they are filming at stonehenge? That would be an interesting place to film + very historical
  12. @Winchestergirl64- hehe yeh bring it on! 50 years...hopefully there will be a con before then :) My twitter is @randomgirlEM88 I will follow back too when I next sign in to twitter :) x
  13. I knew you guys would find my 50 years till a convention comment amusing :) Better meeting them then than never at all hehe lol :) @SiriuslyBlack I have sent you a message on twitter. I didn't realise Shepperton was in Surrey and not London? lol. You are so lucky to have met Daniel Radcliffe! Was he nice? :) and yes yay to ice-cream...Ben and Jerry's or Hagen Daz :) if I have spelt that right! lol x
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