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  1. To be fair you’ve got a year to book the weekend off. Or even just one of the days.
  2. I'm really sad to see no mention of it on the schedule. Did showmasters ever mention what Is happening or if we will ever see it return. They did say they wanted It to be one of their flagship events.
  3. Please dont give up on Manchester. Not after only 2 of them. The attendance for MCR could be great if you keep building on it.
  4. Getting Jonathan Frakes to actually attend would be a big deal.
  5. It's staggering to think there are guests out there that are saying they want to come, are popular with the fans and haven't even been invited. Bizzare.
  6. Including LFCC That's 6 years of cancelling in a row I believe. I'll never get to meet him. FRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKES !!
  7. I was just listening to the interview with Nana Visitor on the official Star Trek podcast and the host who is attending DST50 asked if she was going too and she said she hasn't been invited but would love to go if asked. Seems like a no brainer. She'd be a wonderful addition to the show.
  8. I'm sure there are plenty of announcments to come.
  9. Glory to you all. And your Houses.
  10. You know, by the time this show is held we should know at least what actors will be in the new TV series as it will only be a couple of months away. Getting someone from the new show would be a big deal. Obviously we have to wait till the show gets cast first....
  11. Shhhhhhh.... If you don't say it out loud. You may jinx it.
  12. Has anyone used or know of the free rail service that runs from Birmingham airport to the NEC ? Any info on it would be greatly appreciated.
  13. so, if it is in Birmingham, IF, it is... Where do people think the venue would be ?
  14. Showmasters have just announced Vernon Wells for a couple of cons this year. Showmasters if you read this I am literally on my knees typing this begging you to get him for Manchester. I would literally do anything!!!
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