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  1. Seeing as he was announced AGES ago, and he's still not showing up on showmasters pre order autographs, are we to fear the worst and he's not coming?
  2. Is there any word on Pre Orders? I cant do the event, but there are definately one or two i would love an autograph of
  3. Snooker plays are good, especially Stephen Hendry and Steve Davis :)
  4. the pre order site is showing autographs as being sold out, and james masters photoshoot is sold out. is that true, or a glitch in the system?
  5. Thunderbirds premiered on British television on 30 September 1965. 50 Years ago! Wouldnt it be cool to get the voice actors along to the show?
  6. How about some actors from The Original Thunderbirds?
  7. Will Michael Lonsdale and Buzz Aldrim be available as a pre order? they are not showing yet
  8. some of the guests dont have images showing on the pre-order autograph page. Its hard to decide whether to order if you cannot see the image. Will the images be added soon for all guests?
  9. I pre ordered Sherilyn as I cant make the event. and trust refunds will also be made to those who pre ordered autographs
  10. Please tell me you have an ordering service for those of us who cant make it to the event
  11. Seeing as they proved popular at Milton Keynes, any chance of gettin classic doctor who guests for Saturday?
  12. As far as I'm aware you can park where you like. If they don't want you parking there it'll be closed off. is there a disabled parking area? If so, where abouts would that be in proximity to the doors your saying people should queue?
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