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  1. Doug Bradley Stephen Geoffreys Gary Oldman Terence Stamp Guy Pearce Hugo Weaving
  2. Any of the Stranger Things cast / Banshee cast
  3. Yep, was the same, gutted too as only going on the Sunday You never know we can but hope Kittkarr
  4. Saw Terence Stamp and was all Saw Terence Stamp Saturday only and was all Mr Stamp Sir if you read this PLEASE come on Sunday too
  5. More Banshee Guests PLEASE Matthew Rauch Antony Starr Ivana Milicevic Ulrich Thomsen Hoon Lee Frankie Faison Chris Coy
  6. Defo more Banshee guests especially Matthew Rauch , dont want Tom being lonley
  7. Banshee cast members Matthew Rauch Odette Annable Hoon Lee Antony Starr Ivana Milicevic Ulrich Thomsen Frankie Faison
  8. I love going to Collectormania at Milton Keynes and have been for many years , but I will be giving this one a miss
  9. Stephen Geoffreys Fright Night / 976 Evil
  10. A big well done and thanks to all the guys n gals on the crew, on a weekend that must have been very difficult at times. the chap (Rob i think ) doing the VT's for Milo Ventimiglia on Sunday thanks for being chatty and enthusiastic.
  11. im at Shenley Church End Travelodge on the saturday again its cheap not a bad place and easy to get to the con
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