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  1. Burt ward double would be a dream shoot... still happy with Adam tho. X
  2. Linda Hamilton and kristanna Loken please x
  3. I've been to 3 collectormania and coming up my 3rd London, love both but collectormania is better imo, love the addition of sporting stars. Can't wait for London in July but if I had to choose one to attend it is collectormania x
  4. From this years Beth Phoenix, Ronnie O'Sullivan and Sarah butler.. x
  5. U have to answer pele with Diego Maradona, pretty please... also/ or Nigel mansell and Lennox Lewis... from movies please follow dean cain with Teri hatcher also/ or grant gustin and stephen amell. Xx
  6. He was lovely to meet, a once in a lifetime guest... thank u. X
  7. I flew in Friday night, attended all day sat and sun until lunch.. loved it. Thinking ahead to the next I'm hoping for Lennox Lewis X
  8. 100% tony.. loved her, so humble. X
  9. This years was excellent. I so missed collectormania. Glad it is back. X
  10. Gutted. x
  11. Yes, my brother met her in both London and collectormania, so want to meet her. X
  12. Some dudes spend way 2 much time on here lol. :) X
  13. Really happy to get a chance to meet him... was disappointed with the cancellation of David Bradley but this guy will more than fills that void, thanks so much. X
  14. Ding junhui to join Ronnie and Jimmy please. X
  15. Please. X