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  1. Oh and Danny Portman. X
  2. Ronnie osullivan, Beth Phoenix, Christian, honky Tonk man, Neal McDonough, Ming na wen, John barrowman, Sarah butler, buffy double shoot, Robert Patrick, star gate double, dean Cain and Ricky Hatton so far... X
  3. Another to my list... Please stop showmasters lol.. My 8th game of thrones meet. X
  4. For me personally this is probably the best line up of any convention I have been to. Stacked from top to bottom x
  5. Kurt would be beyond sick x
  6. Dream guest for me.... X
  7. Steven gerrard, Robbie fowler please x
  8. Danny glover please x
  9. Yes yes yes x
  10. Would love Danny glover to return x
  11. Robin Tunney x
  12. Yes please, she recently cancelled Belfast xX
  13. I'm Friday and Saturday but I had exactly the same reaction lol. X