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  1. There were several I didn't get this year that I wanted but because I always do a list with the possibility of canceling getting some autos in favour of others, every year we like to get a random autograph that we never planned on getting and this year was Christina Ricci and this was on an open queue because we went back in on Saturday late and a few DP/VQ guests had open queues, if Carrie Ann Moss had still been at her table I would have got hers too but she had left. But overall I'm satisfied with who we got.
  2. I understand that but other cons you pay for an autograph ticket for the standard price and that guarantees you without inflating the price more you shouldn't have to pay upto £45 just to have that guarantee/privilege, the gift you get certainly doesn't total £45.
  3. I was aware of this when I was purchasing mine but as I was going through looking at the cost of Diamond Passes for other guests I noticed it was for every diamond pass guest and I was wondering why you have to pay upto £45 more just to have the privilege of being guaranteed an Autograph and Photoshoot.
  4. We really enjoyed the 3 days we attended, all the guests we met were so nice and very chatty, the guests who stand out for us as being the best of the best were the Shining Twins Lisa & Louise Burns they were so nice. One suggestion is maybe for 3day and gold pass attendees to have their own entrance instead of queueing up with day tickets (no offence) maybe have 2 queues, day tickets queues up one side of Door H and Gold/3days wristbands queues up the other side. And also it would be nice if you can ban autograph dealers from holding up queues getting several items signed in one go I saw this happening on a couple of occasions maybe with a limit on Items to be signed. Apart from that keep up the great work showmasters and please get more Stranger Things guests and Marvel Guests.
  5. A Con Grail happened to me last year with The Last Starfighter so this year help me achieve another and have Guests from Tron esp Bruce Boxleitner and Cindy Morgan.
  6. Thanks for the replies, the confirmation I got but when I go to print of the etickets its only showing the photoshoot with David Naughton and not the Jason Isaac's Diamond pass even though it says there are 3 tickets there and has the cost.
  7. Bought the diamond pass yesterday along with some others but I cant find the printable ticket for the pass is this emailed out straight away or nearer the event?
  8. Liz White (Woman In Black) Andy Garcia Marvel Rogue One Star Wars Original Trilogy Jason Isaacs Only Fools And Horses Jean Claude Van Damme ET Kevin Costner Tobin Bell
  9. It would be really awesome if at LFCC 2019 (July) you got a little Only Fools reunion going esp if you could get David Jason and Nicolas Lyndhurst, it may be wishful thinking but would be so cool if something like this happened.
  10. The photos supplied at the shows are thermal printed not inkjet printed and are printed on Lustre finish Archival paper the inks from sharpie dry to the touch normally in 30 seconds, photos printed using inkjet on gloss dont have a good adhersion with sharpie inks the only way youll protect it is to get some photo spray varnish and seal the photo. Any photo I bring with me to shows to get signed I always make sure I print on Lustre or Smooth Pearl type paper. Expensive but long term worth it.
  11. Every single guest we met were perfect and so very nice esp James Caan and Sam Neill, Richard Wilson was so funny and we ended up chatting about our cat and at the end he said give my regards to kitty. You've done very well this year LFCC without a doubt we will be back. Oh and Costas what a legend.
  12. We got to see him at around 4:30, he was one of the nicest guests we have ever met, very friendly and a pleasure to chat with and even said to us to send regards to our cat lol
  13. Sorry if I'm asking a question that's already been answered, but the gold pass/wristbands if you bought one does it mean you don't need to get any VQ tickets for autographs and can join any VQ queue without the need for a VQ ticket.
  14. We've just bought 3 diamond passes for this year, is there a pickup point where we can exchange the paper tickets for the Passes/dog tags.
  15. For me I'd love to see, Ingvild Deila (Leia Rogue One) Anthony Daniels Any from the Marvel Cinematic Universe Comedy Actors/Actress's esp Vintage ones. Cast Reunions.
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