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  1. Oh! Well that's me on my own way now!!! Lol
  2. I have to go with cast from the following:- Buffy, Angel, Game of Thrones, Arrow, The Flash, iZombie, Agent Carter, Agents of Shield, Supernatural, The Originals, The Vampire a Diaries..... I know a lot of them are pipe dreams, but...I can dream!!!
  3. I will say what I always do....Braehead is the best and most convenient place, without it, I wouldn't get a mobility scooter on hire at the location and easy access to food places. Yes, it can be a little cramped, but they move to SECC and even more people will attend thus likely making it just as cramped! I for one am glad it's STILL at Braehead for 2017!
  4. Really enjoyed meeting James! He was SO nice and loved hearing the story about the smoking jacket he hated!
  5. Just booked the duo shoot anyway. Thank goodness for plastic money. It will take a while to pay this back however. LOL! I've marked the duo shoot down for 5pm thanks for giving me the time, but I will take a pen to mark any changes that there might be.
  6. I was always going Sunday, but had I known they would have considered a joint shoot, I'd have asked for it happens it is Sunday and I already booked solo shoots.
  7. I've already purchased solo shoots for Sunday, but would have loved this! Bummer for late announcement! Lol
  8. Yeah! Announcing AFTER people have bought solo shoots and can't afford the duo!!!! Typical!
  9. Im so excited !! Me too!!!! I just hope I'm okay on the day as I've been poorly most of this year. Sunday can't come quick enough!!
  10. I'll be semi Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad on a mobility scooter, come find me for photos, will be meeting up with carnosoul at some point!
  11. Yeah. I guess some just don't care really, or they don't hear or are choosing not to hear! I'm there for 10am on Sunday, so will try get all my autos then, and hopefully save queues. It's just frustrating to try and move a mobility scooter very slowly when in a queue. I actually bumped into a guest's table last year for the same reason. Lol
  12. I have that as an able-bodied person as well wherever I am have the issue of people not wanting to move but have just got to perserve and say excuse me till they move. Now where did i put the pitchfork? I'm scared I will knock people down. Then again, maybe that's what I should do. Haha. Honk the horn.... ;-)
  13. Yes, I think that's definitely true. That's what I'll do and hopefully won't get caught up in any queues. :)
  14. It's not really that big an arena and all the dealer stalls take up most of the room. I had to keep yelling excuse me to try and get past people. I've got the early bird for Sunday, gives me an hour before the standards arrive. Usually I'd go to the stalls then, but might do the autos first instead. I love Braehead for access to food places etc., but it is getting small for the amount of people attending now.