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  1. Aye - Himself and Ian Whyte are both being advertised as going to some event in Edinburgh the same weekend as LFCC. Can you confirm if he's going to London after all? I'm keen to get stuff signed by both of them and need to work out travel plans.
  2. Take it from somebody who is square built, shorter than average and with an ever expanding belly - you should never be afraid of what people think or say of your costume. I appreciate it's not always easy but you have to remember that those who make fun or jibes normally haven't got one ounce of the courage you have. To paraphrase Joss Whedon - those who wear superhero costumes aren't wearing it for the sake of it. They are making a statement, they are declaring that they believe in heroes and the capability for ordinary people to become more than they are. They are telling the world they want to make a better place. Not only that, but you're not out there yourself - you are part of a society, part of a community, part of a FAMILY.
  3. Why did they move from the SECC anyway?
  4. Finn took all afternoon to not find his Harry Potter wand so he went as Matt Smith. I was just in my venom t-shirt, which makes a change for me!
  5. I was looking for you too - bumped into folk I've not seen for 15 years, though!
  6. When I went to get an autograph from her with Finn next to me, she straightaway told him she loved his Dr Who costume. The fact that the very first thing she did was to reassure a young boy that he had a cool costume should tell you what kind of person she is. She then asked him all about school and asked me how I was, even after I managed to confuse everyone by asking what she was finding Edinburgh! Really, really excellent person.
  7. One doesn't get dressed up for nothing! You should always get into character or else the cosplay is not complete. Dependent on what I've been wearing, I've been a loud Klingon, a cocky Spiderman and a commanding Dr Doom. I've never found kids to be scared - rather, it's the grown ups who get nervous. The number of times I've seen kids (my own included) go up to people dressed as the Xenomorph or the Scarecrow or even a 8 food Wookie and be really excited to see them is phenomenal. Only warning I would give is for those who get *too* attached to whatever you're cosplaying as. Once or twice I've had to gently explain to younger children that I can't give them hugs all the time but I thank them anyway. I have also been approached by a parent with a child and the parent wanted me, dressed as Spiderman, to explain to him why he should be good and not fight with other kids. Because he wouldn't listen to his dad but he would listen to Spiderman, apparently. With neds and undesireables, they tend to fizzle out if you don't rise to their bait. I've never had any troubles, even in Starfleet costume and I got shouts of "BEAM ME UP SCOTTY! they were always just in fun and I just waved back. In fact, I'd go so far as to say Glasgow is very welcoming. Edinburgh, bit different but they'll get used to us soon enough!
  8. Anything suitable for an 8 year old on the Saturday?
  9. Besides - you're Princess Leia. You need to have some of your costars with you!
  10. It's your photo - at the end of the day, it's about what you hope to get out of it. So if you want Chewie in the photo, have Chewie in the photo! The guests will get a kick out of it too - some of the best event photoshoots I've seen involved props of some description!
  11. Why's everybody always pickin' on me? :-) (Edit for right lyrics)
  12. I'm going because my kid wants to go and I can't really disappoint him!
  13. You should get hand stamped when you get in - flash the ink when you want back in and jump the queue!
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