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Latest Guest Announcement - COLT CABANA

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Latest Guest Announcement - Colt Cabana

Attending: Friday & Saturday, Sunday

Autograph Price: £15

Photo shoot Price: £15

Colt will also being doing a one of his Art of Wrestling Podcasts live from LFCC, one not to be missed

Colt Cabana during his time in Ring of Honor Colton also wrestled as Scotty Goldman in World Wrestling Entertainment and as old school masked wrestler Matt Classic in MTV's Wrestling Society X.

ROH Tag Team Championship (2 times) – with CM Punk

IWC World Heavyweight Championship (1 time)





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SM apparently don't have this info, us mods most certainly don't. This is not something SM would get involved with unless it's done at the talk.


If he's not on Twitter or something your best bet is to check at his table. There may be a sign up, or you can check with him personally if the line is not too long.

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