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  1. Heya! Thank you in advance for the awesome work you put in on here! Just wanted to double check, would there be any issues with me bringing a travel case (small sized on wheels)? I couldn't see any bag size restrictions looking around. Basically I've stupidly injured my back and doubt I'll be in good condition come the weekend so rather than a weekend in agony with a backpack this would be much better and will give me something to lean on. Entirely my own fault for being a wrestler I guess xD
  2. heya! Joined the Alan queue about 2pm and had to go to the back with diamond pass. Was a bit confused myself when with other queues diamonds got to jump but it moved fast so didn't mind :)
  3. Hi, had a look around and could not find Margot yesterday. Guest rumour is she cancelled. Just wondered if that's the case?
  4. I believe that's basically it. You pick up your pass, then when you go to the signing they'll clip it to show you've collected your included auto and you can pay for extras if you wish.
  5. Tickets seem to still be there but the website is a little mixed up at the moment. Look under Paid Talks - Friday for the Saturday ones and it's there.
  6. It's a live version of the podcast. So they'll discuss comics and TV, and probably take some questions. So basically it's a talk. But going to be recorded and broadcast. I don't understand the dislike here, if it wasn't the podcast it would be pretty much exactly the same thing.
  7. Hey! Another q I know a few others beside myself have been waiting on... Any news on Fatman on Batman ( Marc Bernardin) Sunday afternoon live podcast? I noticed Marc disappeared from the comic guest list but the Fatman on Batman image is still in the rotation on the front page...
  8. Was a top guest for me too, was looking forward to the Hellboy stuff! Aah well, please do try to get him back another year tho :)
  9. Sterees - We're waiting on the comic stage details, I believe it was mentioned to be early next week we're expecting them. This should be one of those :)
  10. Just to echo, do we have any news coming about the above? After the announcement of Smodcast there seems to be some interest on Kevin's social media pages but a lot of uncertainty as to if that's the paid talk or something he's doing besides that. Seemed a bit vague but mentioned he'd be over with Scott Mosier in that post, not sure if he's coming to LFCC with Kev though. Thank you in advance! :)
  11. Here goes the rollercoaster of emotions, guesses and bank balances! Not sure if I can take another hit! Also, can't wait... I'm sure I can find time for another guest
  12. And Spooks a few min ago... I see he was in an ep of that as well!
  13. I've never met Benedict and would love to so really getting my hopes up now! Has he done any LFCC's before?
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