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Newcastle Schedule - Updated 05/03/14

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Below is the Schedule for Newcastle Film and Comic Con.


Please note that this is correct at the time of publication, and it is possible that more guests will be added. Please check back for the latest updates before travelling. =)




Photo A


Sylvester McCoy - 11.30am

Paul McGann - 11.55am

Frank Bruno - 12.20pm

Geoff Capes - 12.30pm

Carl Fogarty - 12.40pm

Carl Fogarty & Jamie Whitham - 12.50pm

Peter Beardsley - 1.00pm

LUNCH - 1.10pm

Dave Prowse - 13.30

Jerome Blake - 1.50pm

Chris Judge - 2.05pm

Kenneth Colley - 2.30pm

Kenny Baker - 2.40pm

Terry Malloy - 2.50pm

John Leeson - 3.00pm

Virginia Hey - 3.30pm

Ian Whyte - 3.35pm

Danny John Jules - 3.40pm

Carl Weathers - 4.15pm

Alexander Vlahos - 16.40pm

Julian Glover - 17.05PM


Photo B

Chris Judge Costume - 11.30

Mcgann & McCoy with Tardis - 1.30pm

Paul McGann with Tardis - 2.00pm




Stage A


Predator (Weathers/Whyte) - 11.15-12.00

Star Wars - 12.15-1.00

Chris Judge - 1.15-2.00

Danny John Jules - 2.15-3.00

Sylvester McCoy - 3.15-4.00

Paul McGann - 4.15-5.00


Stage B


11am Cosplay 101 - Introduction to Cosplay

Midday ACES WEEKLY: Go behind the scenes of the digital comics with David Lloyd and his cohorts

1pm Cosplay 'The Past and the Present' How Cosplay has grown into an international phenomenon. With Felixize Cosplay and Aranel Cosplay

1:30pm Cosplay Performance With Andy Valentine

2pm SPOTLIGHT ON BRYAN TALBOT: The award-winning graphic novelist talks about Luther Arkwright, Alice in Sunderland and more

3pm Cosplay Masquerade

4pm INTERNATIONAL ACES: Chris Geary discusses his ambitious tribute to WW1 fighter pilots

5pm Cosplay Group Photoshoots




Photo A


Frazer Diamond - 11.30am

Warwick Diamond - 11.40am

Paul Blake - 11.50pm

John Rhys Davies - 12.05pm

Chris Judge - 12.30pm

Suanne Braun - 12.50pm

LUNCH - 1.00pm

Kenny Baker - 1.20pm

Dave Prowse - 1.30pm

Virginia Hey - 1.40pm

Peter Beardsley - 1.55pm

Jackie Charlton - 2.05pm

Nabil Shaban - 2.15pm

Sophie Aldred - 2.25pm

Josef Altin - 2.40pm

Daniel Portman - 2.50pm

Ian Whyte - 3.00pm

Hannah Spearritt - 3.15pm

Carl Weathers - 3.40pm

Kai Owen - 4.05pm




Stage A


Game of Thrones - 11.15 - 12.00

Carl Weathers - 12.15-1.00

John Rhys Davies - 1.15-2.00

Chris Judge &; Suanne Braun - 2.15-3.00

Kai Owen - 3.15-4.00


Stage B


11am SPOTLIGHT ON ALAN GRANT: The acclaimed writer talks about his early days, 2000 AD, Batman and beyond

Midday DOTTER OF HER FATHER'S EYES: Mary Talbot in conversation with her husband Bryan on their graphic novel collaboration

1pm Cosplay Stars Q&A

2pm SPOTLIGHT ON DAVID LLOYD: A look back at a career that encompasses so much more than just V for Vendetta

3pm Cosplay Masquerade

4pm Cosplay Photography & Spandex 101 With Anna S

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Being number 20 you'll be in the first group called anyway. So be there 10 minutes before and you'll likely be going through in the first 2 or 3 people anyway.   Clashes with other photo shoots and

Yeah it's getting real now

It could go to 2 batches of 50 (1-50 and 51+), but based on the current figures I've seen it's unlikely.

Phew, it's tight between photos and talks but with a little jogging I should be ok. In regards to talk tickets will these be at a front desk or outside the rooms?


Paid for talks (none announced presently going from the above schedule) would be at the sales table near the front desk. The pick up for the free talk tickets should be somewhere near the talk area. But the exact location will be announced before the show.

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Any ideas what time Carl Weathers photoshoot is on Saturday? Ive just bought my ticket but ive just noticed the time isnt up yet for Saturday.


As soon as anything is put in place the first post will be updated. Carl was a very recent announcement only.

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Pelase bear with us for a little longer. Everyone from the office is in Frankfurt wrapping up Destination Star Trek Germany. I'm the first one to get home, and I'm afraid I am not involved with figuring out the schedule. So I can't help any further with this.

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Well given that I have bought a ticket for a photoshoot with Carl on Saturday I can only assume he is actually doing a shoot on Saturday :D

yep, likewise. I've got my ticket already for the Saturday photoshoot. Let's hope he doesn't bail out and force me to kick his ass!!!


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Yeah.I've had my ticket arrive with my shoot for saturday. Lets hope we won't be disappointed. Would be good for an admin to let us know.


Anyone know if theres like a map/layout of how the arena will be? so that I can be prepared for where to go straight away and where everything will be

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OMG I think I need to invest in some running shoes for Sunday! Gotta get from the John Rhys Davies shoot to the Carl Weathers talk in zero seconds! :o yikes! LOVING the GOT talk though! :D


Would assume the guest talks will be all in the same place so you just have to walk out the room then back in

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No I mean the photoshoot with John Rhys Davies lol got a ticket for that but quite fancy going to the Carl Weathers talk but they both start at 12.15 on Sunday so hoping they'll let me through the shoot 1st ;) haha

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