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  1. People were probably staying around longer because this is the first time a comic con of this size has been to a location that large in the North East for a very long time (if ever!) So obviously people wanted to stay around and experience as much as possible. Also Saturday had a great list of guests and the TARDIS shoots with the Doctor's. I don't think a reduction is needed, just a better layout. The aisles were far to close together an the placement of the Ghostbusters and the Transfomers car was ill fated because as soon as everyone saw them they stopped to look, naturally. Yet they we
  2. I wanted to bid on the TARDIS prop but it wasn't there both days. I found it ok and it was very simple to bid etc, but some stuff was missing.
  3. I thought the Showmasters staff handled everything very well on both days, polite and helpful in the face of a stressful situation.
  4. I can honestly say that over the 2 days I attended this event I never once encountered any problems with the staff or the running of the event...Other convention goers however were another story. I wasn't aware that there were so many ignorant cosplayers around these days, pushing and shoving there way past wheelchair users was a disgrace, especially when they were struggling to get through the aisles on Saturday. Also stopping in the middle of a very busy aisle simply to have a photo taken was just pure and unadulterated stupidity. One slight piece of advice for next time, don't put the G
  5. Carl was an utter Gentleman and his speech after his talk yesterday afternoon was wonderful. I met him 3 times on Saturday and each time he was great.
  6. To be fair we don't know its too early because we don't even have dates
  7. You cant really do an event like this without the 2 main stars of the show, Benedict and Martin. Promoting an event like this and just having one or two guests who had bit parts in one episode would be a little silly. I believe Showmasters will try everything they can to get the big stars :) Its likely that with this being a 3 day event the big stars will only be able to make one day, and boy will that be a busy day! lol
  8. Hi I have a slight concern regarding an autograph from Carl. A seasoned convention going friend of mine has mentioned that Showmasters or a guest may charge more for boxing gloves or belts to be signed? I have a replica of the championship belt from the Rocky movies, would there be any problem having this signed by Carl? Thanks in advance
  9. Oh don't get me wrong, not complaining or anything :) I'm just pleased to get the chance to meet Carl :)
  10. Strange though that the time for the shoot on Sunday has been released, but not Saturday EVEN though we have our tickets for a shoot on Saturday lol
  11. Well given that I have bought a ticket for a photoshoot with Carl on Saturday I can only assume he is actually doing a shoot on Saturday
  12. Hi Any ideas what time Carl Weathers photoshoot is on Saturday? Ive just bought my ticket but ive just noticed the time isnt up yet for Saturday.
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