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  1. Finally, a name I know lol. Not a huge name but it's a start
  2. Hey just wondered if anyone knows the name of the different sword stalls at the cons? I know TheSwordStall.co.uk but I didnt catch the others
  3. Seems like a polite way of saying even if you bought a ticket we might not let you in... Surely it should be a case of we let people in who have a ticket then calculate what is let for capacity and that is what is allowed for on the day
  4. People are let in all day pretty much. The first year people got stopped due to capacity issues but they seem to have fixed this issue.
  5. I know we get told guests can be announced up until the event itself, but are we likely to see any more? I mean if theres zero chance, I wouldn't mind being told just so we don't sit on the edge of our seats waiting to hear.
  6. Thanks good to hear. I'd imagine there should be plenty left since people have been put off this year
  7. OK, its just on the front page where it says about tickets it says only available in advance.
  8. Hey all, without getting this 1 into a moaning thread, are there tickets going to be available on the doors? I'm not planning on buying an advance ticket simply because I haven't seen anyone worth meeting yet, but should a great guest be announced in the next week I'd be tempted to go on the day to buy a ticket to go.
  9. Anyone that when ya say their name to anyone, the reaction is wow!
  10. Totally agree, I feel like a broken record the amount I've commented on the board about how disappointed I feel at this event. I love the event and will probably still go, but as well I haven't bought a ticket yet because there's no one announced. I've said how I understand everyone has different tastes and some may think the current list is fantastic, but I love the stalls and getting autographs on my memorabilia but this year I can't see me spending anything on signatures at all. I'd imagine when they total up their sales they will realise that there's not much attraction to this one and maybe try and make more effort to not leave us behind the rest of the events. I wouldn't mind, I'm sure depending on commitments, they'd be able to get a few geordies to attend that are in the mainstream like Timothy Spall for example. I hadn't even thought about it being 9am opening in winter when you could be stood hours. Might have to rethink this year...
  11. Hey all. I don't want to make this into another thread showing disappointment to the Newcastle selection but I was looking over the other cons up and down the country and 1 that stood out as what looks like a great Lineup for a city I wouldn't have thought would have the type of pull they managed was Bournemouth. I dunno if any of you have seen theirs but head to http://www.bournemouthfilmandcomiccon.com/if you haven't. They had a great selection of sports and comics, and actual headliners for the film and tv section. Now I know it's down to the guests themselves to if they come but maybe looking at that list can motivate into getting better, or just depress us more lol
  12. I agree with most of the above. But I'll throw in some suggestions of more WWE guys, and the big TV shows at the moment like Flash, Arrow and Gotham. I kind of expect us to not get any huge names as we're not in London, but fingers crossed we'll be surprised. I mean, I don't want to go into a big rant as I have before about us getting guests who are less prolific but maybe throw a curve ball and shock us with getting a major name. Ya always guaranteed money and I know they have to agree to it but they can really name their price and people will queue for hours.
  13. I enjoyed it this year. There wasn't a huge range of star guests which was a little disappointing, but it seemed a lot more organised than last year. I don't know if this is because they'd taken a row of stalls out to make more room up and down the arena or what but things were better. There were a few points I'd like to make, but don't see it as a big moan because I love this event and thoroughly enjoyed, I just want it to be the best it could be... We need ideally more variety in the stalls. There were some great stalls there and I visited the sword stall again to make a few purchases, but a lot were glorified car boot sale stores. I hoped for more comic artists that can do sketches. I know its down to their price choice but in London last year they charged a lot less for just a headshot, also, I felt sorry for who was there as they seemed to be dumped in the dark cold corner. I talked to 1 of them and he said they could have given us a heater or something and a light. More range of bigger guests. I know its down to who wants to come but try since it has become a popular event. As for the clock tower photo, I had higher expectations for this. I thought it would have been a green screen behind it so we got a cool background from BTTF3 or maybe a digital doc brown placed on each photo, would have been a simple template to add for each picture, but essentially it was just a big clock face. Again, I don't want to make it seem like I didn't enjoy it, because I did. I just think they need to still put a bit more effort in
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