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Glasgow Photo Shoot and Talk SCHEDULE

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Yeah same as me! Unless I just pay the extra to go Sunday too. I dunno yet.


If you get the early bird ticket on the Saturday the stamp will allow entry again on the Sunday without extra cost.

Incorrect. A ticket purchase will be required for entry on a different day.
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An early bird ticket holder is more likely to spend more time and get more autos/photos etc, so to encourage them to come back with a entry fee saving makes absolute sense. I've only ever gone in on the Saturday, though i was definitely told the early bird ticket would allow entry the next day so guess the door staff were misinformed the last few years.

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Always had to pay each day. And I was/am an Early bird ticketer.......Paid every year twice....Is this new? Clarification please?


No, this is not new. If this happened it was a total misunderstanding. You need to pay each day. The only exception where you don't need a physical ticket every day is if an event offers a weekend ticket were part of the ticket will be torn off the first day and then you hand in the ticket on the second day only.

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